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‘Exit’ from Emmerdale for four prominent characters as another death rocks the village

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Following the hospital death of Amelia Spencer’s stalker Lloyd on Thursday night, Emmerdale was shaken by a second death.

Following the passing of Lloyd (played by Matt Sutton) on Thursday night, Emmerdale may lose four significant characters.

When Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) realised he had slain Amelia’s (Daisy Campbell) stalker, he was devastated.

Even worse, Lloyd passed away right after Dan admitted to striking him in court.

The mechanic might therefore have to spend a considerable amount of time behind bars, leaving his daughter and grandchildren behind.

Julie, Lloyd’s irate wife, confronted Dan in scenes that were broadcast on Thursday.

Julie said, “You happy now? I want to look you in the eye when I tell you Lloyd is dead.”

You killed him today, you murderer, when I should have been with him in court. “You murderer, you murderous scum!”

Near the end of the episode, Dan felt compelled to break the news to his daughter while still reeling from it.

Amelia was the recipient of his truthful admission that Lloyd never hit him.

Dan stated, “He shouted some awful things. I know this is hard to hear, but it wasn’t self defence.

“I launched that blow in rage; I was the one who struck back. He had already fallen by the time you left the church. I am to blame that he is dead.

Dan begged “Amelia, please,” as the young mother rushed out.

Following the episode, several viewers predicted Dan, Amelia, and baby Esther would leave the town on Twitter with their opinions and theories.

Julie would have no motive to return to the Dales if Lloyd was no longer alive.

“I bet now Amelia and Dan will plan to run away from #Emmerdale,” tweeted @Baker_BCFC.

Posted by @GeorgiaBowring: “#Emmerdale Dan and Amelia flee to Ireland as a result.

In addition, @penniless_poet said, “I bet Dan will be glad to go into prison – the peace and quiet #Emmerdale.”

It was proposed by @JamieSummersTV that “there has to be something that’ll save Dan unless he’s leaving the show #Emmerdale.”

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