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Fans ‘figure out’ Amelia Spencer’s leaving from Emmerdale as she becomes the stalker Lloyd’s sidekick

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Amelia Spencer from Emmerdale has had a difficult time lately. In addition to being harassed online, Lloyd even entered the salon to terrorise her.

Fans of Emmerdale seem to believe that Amelia Spencer (played by Daisy Campbell) has multiple stalkers and that Lloyd (Matt Sutton) was using Julie (Emma Stansfield) as his employee.

Since Lloyd was punched by Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) and put in a coma, Julie has been making fun of Amelia.

Although it’s uncertain if Amelia’s stalker will awaken, Julie is adamant about making Amelia pay.

Julie met an upset Amelia in the cafe in images that were broadcast on Tuesday night.

Julie begged Amelia to “speak the truth,” and the young mother said, “I am.

I’ve heard about girls like you preying on men online and attempting to corrupt them, Julie raged.

You are scarcely pure and sweet because you became pregnant while you were still in school. Even if you do not know, who is the father?

I’m going to call you out for the cheap little tart you are, some poor sap I’m sure you tried to swindle out of money.

Amelia pleaded, “I am the victim here,” while Julie mocked, “What you’re trying to hide? You can’t always remain hidden behind your friends. I’m going to do whatever it takes to bring you down.

Some fans believe Julie and Lloyd were working together, while others think Amelia’s deceit would backfire. Fans have come up with their own suspicions regarding Amelia’s plot.

If so, Amelia and her daughter Esther might be planning to leave.

On Twitter, a supporter made the following conjecture: “I’m confident Lloyd’s wife is complicit with him in what he’s done to Amelia. #Emmerdale.”

“I bet Lloyd’s wife was in on him acting towards Amelia,” one person echoed. “#Emmerdale.”

“Amelia’s plan isn’t a good one, then imagine if Lloyd wakes up,” tweeted @TwellyWatcher.

Continuing to concur, @mikepriestley13 said: “Amelia I wouldn’t say that Lloyd attacked you first because if they find out you’re lying, you’ll be in trouble. #Emmerdale, even though Lloyd is a bd.

Will Amelia ultimately fabricate Lloyd’s attack on her to the authorities, or will the stalker become aware of her before it’s too late?

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