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Fans of Coronation Street “work out” Stephen Reid’s terrifying scheme for Sarah

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After sleeping with drug dealer Damon Hay while having an affair with him behind her husband Adam Barlow’s back, Sarah Platt became pregnant.

As Sarah Platt’s pregnancy plotline develops on Coronation Street, viewers are confident they have figured out the killer Stephen Reid’s (Todd Boyce) plan to blackmail his niece.

Chris posted a theory on the baby’s parentage on Reddit, saying: “I always thought the child would be Adam’s, but there is a twist I could see happening where Stephen read the original letter and redrafted it with Damon as the father so Sarah could read his version.

We’ll have to wait and watch how Stephen responds to Adam receiving a real letter and whether or not he makes an effort to be present.

“He might then have a letter written that claimed Adam is the father, even if he is, and then pretend to be aiding Sarah. He would have to take care to prevent the clinic’s letter from being read.

For security reasons, Adam ought to have had the letter delivered to his office.

“I’ve been thinking this because we haven’t seen an actual piece of paper with the results on it,” a user by the handle @Sensitivefrog retorted. “Usually when they withhold specific information from the audience, it’s for a reason.”

Another wrote: “Did Stephen fabricate a letter to claim the child is Damon’s for purposes of future blackmail?What sort of twisted, sick act would he do?The baby will then be declared Adam’s, according to a letter, right?

Sarah got a DNA test because she wasn’t sure who the baby’s real father was, but before she saw the results, she told Sam Robertson (Adam Barlow) that he was the baby’s father.

In an effort to move on with her life, she tore up the papers and put it in the trash, but it wound up at Stephen’s place.Is he planning something evil?

Later scenes show Damon Hay (Ciarán Joseph Griffiths) frantically attempting to contact Sarah in order to tell her anything.

The bad boy hasn’t been spotted on the cobblestones since June, but it looks like he’ll be making a dramatic comeback.

The following week, Sarah makes an effort to concentrate her energy on her future with Adam, but Damon makes it difficult.

When she receives numerous missed calls from Damon who wants to talk to her urgently, she becomes agitated.

Stephen convinces Sarah that he simply intends to host a surprise party to disclose the gender of the baby as Adam begins to act suspiciously in the meantime.

Is Adam throwing a baby shower or is Stephen telling Sarah a lie?

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