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Following Zach’s “sudden” pregnancy decision, EastEnders viewers are concerned for Whitney Dean.

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Whitney Dean, a mainstay of EastEnders, is still mourning the death of Peach, her daughter with Zack Hudson, who was diagnosed with Edwards’ Syndrome.

Following Zack Hudson’s (James Farrar) admission that he intended to try for another child on tonight’s episode of EastEnders, viewers began to worry about Whitney Dean (played by Shona McGarty).

Whitney and Zack learned in March that their unborn daughter had been diagnosed with Edwards’ Syndrome, which meant she would pass away either before or soon after birth.

After making the painful decision to end the pregnancy, the couple has been grieving the woman’s loss and their shared destiny as parents ever since.

In addition, Zack was also found to have HIV, albeit happily tonight he learned that it was undetectable and that he could not pass it on to Whitney.

The couple picnicked beside Peach’s memorial tree as they went off to celebrate with one another.

But after considering how drastically different their lives might have been if Peach had been born, Zack shocked Whitney by saying he wanted to try for another child.

Maybe we can try for another child, Zack pondered as he sat beneath Peach’s tree. Whitney sadly responded, “No.

I’m not going to subject my body to that again. I apologize; I’m aware of how badly you desire children.

While Shona McGarty’s departure from the soap opera left viewers devastated for Whitney, they feared Zack would soon reveal a darker side.

@MissLionHeart posted on Twitter: “Zack – please don’t be like Tom from #Hollyoaks and pressure your other half into having kids after they just recently lost their baby.”

The comment from Annie Janners was, “Worried that Zack is going to pressure Whitney into having another baby and then an even worse outcome happens, especially as she is leaving.”

I hate to tell it, but if Zack coerces Whitney into having another child and she becomes pregnant, my prediction is that she will pass away during childbirth. She would finally fulfil her desire of becoming a mother, which I really don’t want to be the case. (sic)

As @MacElmo noted: “I really understand Whitney’s thoughts about being too terrified to try again. However, not all viewers were concerned for their future and merely felt bad for Whitney. #EastEnders It’s heartbreaking.”

@Johnboy_Cook said: “The plot involving Whitney and Zac is extremely crucial. Infant mortality is still a very taboo subject and has to be brought up more frequently.

“It’s critical that #EastEnders depict the long-lasting consequences. I am aware of the substantial impact it has on people.

Whitney’s thoughts towards a new baby are natural, according to @RyanTheSoapking, as her body is still recovering from her experience with Peach.

“Whitney has just lost a child, and that takes a lifetime of trauma to get over. #EastEnders.” (sic)

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