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Former Home and Away star Stephen Peacocke says he’s ‘one of Australia’s most fortunate actors’

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Steve Peacocke of Home and Away acknowledges that he is one of the few performers who were fortunate enough to get work during the Covid outbreak.

The 39-year-old, remember for his role as Darryl Braxton, told The Daily Telegraph on Saturday: ‘I feel like one of Australia’s most fortunate actors for sure.’



He’ll appear in Channel Seven’s RFDS, which follows the life of the Royal Flying Doctors Services’ doctors and nurses.

Aside from the medical drama, the Logie winner will appear in two other local television dramas, ABC’s The Newsreader and Paramount+’s Five Bedrooms.

He added: ‘I was talking to my rep overseas and they were saying “My gosh, you are one of the few actors who’s worked solidly for twelve months in a pandemic.”‘

The actor had nothing but respect for the crew and his co-stars, Justine Clarke, Rob Collins, and Emma Hamilton, with whom he had formed bonds throughout their four-month outback shoot.



Stephen also said that he was already on set for his next project and auditioning for a few additional parts.

‘There are a few intriguing prospects, but maybe we’ll be heading out to Broken Hill again – that would be my dream,’ he said, implying that the soon-to-be-aired drama might get a second season.

While RFDS has only been on Australian screens for a few days, the gripping medical drama has already been picked up worldwide.



On Wednesday, TV Tonight stated that RFDS has already secured sales in six territories.’

PBS in the United States and Channel 4 in the United Kingdom have both purchased the highly anticipated drama.

It was also sold to TVNZ in New Zealand, TV4 in Sweden, SBS in Belgium, and Talpa in the Netherlands.

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