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General Hospital: Is Jason Returning For A Reunion With Sam?

When Wally Kurth casually mentioned on a podcast that Steve Burton will "be back on the show," the General Hospital fandom was rocked.

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When Wally Kurth casually mentioned on a podcast that Steve Burton will “be back on the show,” the General Hospital fandom was rocked. The COVID-19 crisis led to Steve’s termination from the ABC soap opera. At the time, Disney had implemented a company-wide vaccine mandate. Steve, however, decided against getting the shot. was fired as a result of noncompliance. However, the mandate has since been repealed, making a comeback possible. Fortunately, the soap opera had left Jason’s departure unresolved.

After a cave collapsed over him on General Hospital, he was thought to be dead. His remains, however, were never found. And to be completely honest, we have witnessed people rising from the dead on Daytime with much weaker justifications! Jason is adored by the public, so his return would mean the world! Any justification would do. Jason’s return to Port Charles would also be ideal at this time for a number of reasons. Let’s look at them now!

So Much Awaits Jason On General Hospital

Since Jason vanished behind the cave’s debris on General Hospital, Sonny and his gang haven’t been the same. And with Sonny’s stories about the underworld heating up, Jason’s return would be wonderful. Dex cannot possibly play second fiddle to Jason in that regard, no matter how hard he tries. He is fantastic as Joss’ plaything, but not as Sonny’s deputy to run with the mob. It would also be exciting to watch Sonny and Jason work together to defeat the new threat of the mysterious boss.

If Jason decides to come back to General Hospital, there are also a few nostalgic romantic openings in store for him. Carly and Sam were Jason’s two most publicized relationships. Sam is content with her romantic life with Dante, while Carly has since moved on with Drew. Fans, however, frequently remark on how uninteresting Sam and Dante seem together. There doesn’t seem to be any chemistry or spark between them. Something that Sam and Jason had plenty of.

Aside from that, Jason definitely fits Sam’s definition of a man with a “bad-body streak” because we all know how he rolls! Sam and Jason will always love each other and be in each other’s lives, General Hospital’s co-head writer Chris Van Ethen stated in an interview back in 2020. However, Jason believes that for the time being it is best if he avoids Sam. But since then, a lot has changed. There is still a lot of room for a Sam and Jason reunion even if Steve Burton leaves General Hospital again right away. Are you game for it? In the comments, please. For more General Hospital updates, check out TV seasons & Spoilers in the interim.

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