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GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 8/1/23: Is Cyrus Going to Die?

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These GENERAL HOSPITAL spoilers show that the future is unclear! As Drew rushes to save Cyrus’ life, Molly and TJ talk about the future, Anna frets about Sonny, Dante expresses his concerns, Gregory begins working with Alexis, Carly confronts Ava, Kristina takes a stand, and Gregory gets to work with Alexis!

After speaking with Alexis, Molly is thinking twice about accepting her sister’s offer to serve as a surrogate so that she and TJ can start the family of their dreams. The question is, “Will it be Kristina?” TJ queries Molly. But would it be too complicated to have her sister carry their child?

Anna, who was familiar with the Pikeman gang, was immediately alarmed when Sonny acknowledged that he might have been the shooter’s target because he had been doing business with the organization. She inquires, “How involved are you with them?” What will happen if my old man’s theory is correct? Dante muses as he becomes embroiled in the ongoing inquiry into who the shooter was actually after.

Gregory visits Alexi at her workplace after dinner with Tracy to assist her. Don’t keep me guessing, he commands her. “Let’s put our hands to work and roll up our sleeves.” Tracy, on the other hand, had just spoken to Alexis regarding Gregory’s health because she noticed some alarming things during their meal. Therefore, not much work will likely get done.

Carly has observed Ava’s recent jittery behavior and knows that she hasn’t been entirely on board with how Sonny is handling this whole situation with Avery’s new nanny. Carly asks Ava, “You know what that tells me?” “That you’re still up to your old tricks.”

Kristina has been worried about starting a new foundation and failing at it, but now that Michael is a member of the board of directors, he has given her a little more confidence. She defends herself when she encounters Sonny in the Metro Court. “No,” she responds. “I’m not going to let you buy one for me.”

Cyrus unexpectedly passed out during a fight at Pentonville, and Drew thought he was having a heart attack. Drew exhorts, “Come on. “Stay here with me!” Is Cyrus actually in danger, or is this simply another one of his latest ruses?

Check out this sneak peek for the dramatic new GH airing today!

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