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GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 8/11/23: Sonny Leaves Nina to Help Carly!

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In these spoilers for GENERAL HOSPITAL, chaos breaks out! Finn confides in Liz, Mason puts pressure on Austin, Dante responds to Sam’s suggestion, someone is stalking Anna, and Nina realises Sonny is missing as he tries to assist Carly at the police station as Chase tries to deal with the fallout from the pub fight!

Those responsible for the brawl at The Highsider have been detained and taken to the PCPD to face charges. Is there anyone who wants to call? Chase queries the gathered group. In the questioning area, Olivia asserts, “I’m not admitting that I did anything wrong!”

Since Finn and Liz have been doing well at rekindling their romance, the doctor decides it’s time to be more forthcoming. He says, “Perhaps there’s someone who’ll be better for Violet.” Is he referencing Elizabeth?

Mason is once more exerting pressure on Austin, so it appears that he was taken to the hospital after being knocked out in the pub fight. “You have as much riding on this as I do,” Mason warns.

Dante gets ready for bed after returning home from speaking with Anna about the ongoing shooting investigation. Sam, however, has some information to impart to him. He asks her, “Whose idea was that?” Does he not believe that Maxie would benefit from living in his and Lulu’s former home? Speaking of Anna, someone was watching her from the bushes while Dante was at her house, and now that she is by herself, the stalker is closing in. Do they have another hit in mind?

When Nina notices Sonny has vanished, she is shocked. She tells whoever is on the phone, “Sonny.” “He left!” That’s because he’s at the police station trying to help Carly clear her name of the charges stemming from the pub fight. He asks his ex-wife, “Why do you have a problem with me doing this?” Will Carly accept his assistance or will she insist on being independent?

Check out this sneak peek for General Hospital’s Friday cliffhanger!

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