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GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 8/3/23: Ava Accuses Austin of Murder!

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In light of these GENERAL HOSPITAL spoilers, be prepared for anything! Ned confronts Olivia, TJ and Molly scheme, Spencer confesses to Josslyn, Dex forewarns Trina, Curtis expresses his suffering, and Ava makes a startling charge. Cody also receives a surprise. Could it be that she’s correct?

“What on earth are you doing in the stables?” Cody makes a query. Could it be that “Eddie” is once more attempting to elude the Quartermaines? because they are still at odds, and all Olivia wants is her husband back. “Eddie” says, “I don’t see that changing anytime soon,” as Olivia frowns.

TJ and Molly make plans to use a surrogate to carry their child after making sure they are on the same page. It’s the beginning of our family,” he said.

Spencer has been trying to raise Ace with Esme, which hasn’t pleased Josslyn, but he tries to justify his actions. He says, “I hate to say it, but I kind of feel bad for her.”

Dex explains to Trina at the hospital, “I think you might be wrong about this one.” Curtis is on the edge of tears as he tells Stella about his paralysis in his room. “Auntie, I don’t think I can handle this.” Will she be able to give him the courage he needs to survive this?

Following the discovery of Gordon’s body in the dumpster behind the hospital, Chase has started looking into his murder. Ava’s suspicions are quickly aroused after Austin was questioned, and she comes to a horrifying realization. She says, “You killed him, didn’t you?” Could a life have been stolen by the doctor?

Check out this sneak peek at the dramatic new GH from today!

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