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GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 8/4/23: Valentin Returns!

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These spoilers for GENERAL HOSPITAL contain both good and terrible news! Liz worries about Nikolas, Finn receives the best news, Willow confides in Michael, Nina extends an offer to Kristina, Ava fears Austin will ruin everything, Laura forms an alliance with Kevin, and Valentin makes his way back to Port Charles to assist Anna.

Nikolas has been missing for a while, yet even people who believe they know what really happened to him are mistaken in their beliefs. Have you heard from Nikolas lately? Liz makes a query. How much time is left till Nik’s true fate is known?

Nurse Deanna catches sight of Dr. Finn’s smile beside the nurses’ station. She enquires, “Good news?” He grinned and said, “The best.” But what has him feeling so joyful for a change?

Although Willow has been gradually returning to normal, she is still recovering, so there are still some things she isn’t quite ready for. Willow tells Michael, “I was truly grateful Leo saved me from it.

Nina is happy to take every action she can to strengthen that link with Kristina because she is the only one of Sonny’s children who is willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. She tells Kristina, “I want to help any way I can.

Although Ava could believe Austin when he claims he had nothing to do with Gordon’s death, she is uneasy due to Dex’s snooping. She asks Austin, “Was there anything for Dex to see?”

Laura is grateful for Kevin’s assistance now that he has joined her in Chechnya and promises to keep looking for Nikolas. She assures him, “We face whatever we find together.” But what did Victor do given that Nikolas isn’t truly in Chechnya

Valentin comes to Port Charles after leaving Laura with Kevin and is shocked to discover that Anna was a victim of a gunshot that took place at the Metro Court pool alongside Sonny. He ponders, “And we’re sure he wasn’t the target?” Anna might be the one whose life is at jeopardy.

Check out this sneak peek for General Hospital’s Friday cliffhanger!

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