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General Hospital Spoilers: Curtis’ Condition Draws Jordan’s Attention

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Spoilers for General Hospital indicate Devastating health-related news has Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) in convulsions. His ex-wife, Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper), will find herself dragged back into his life as he struggles with his uncertain future. This will lead to some major conflict and prompt inquiries into his true intentions before to being shot. All of Curtis’ attempts to push Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr) away had been rejected, and she felt he was acting this way out of guilt. Although it made sense that he wouldn’t want her to feel like she was stuck with a disabled spouse, it won’t make much sense now that it appears as though he is warming up to his ex.

General Hospital Spoilers — Portia Gets Pushed Aside

Curtis has learned a shocking truth that could forever change his life: he might never walk again. He was deeply affected by the news, and he is struggling to accept it. Curtis holds onto hope and looks for a miracle solution despite Portia giving the advice of various medical professionals. Portia, who is relieved Curtis made it through the trauma, would do anything to have Curtis brought home and given the proper care. She is unable to comprehend Curtis’ resistance since she is not aware of the struggle he is having within. At the hospital, Curtis tried to cool her down, but she adamantly refused, saying she was taking him home instead. Though he might find other means to make sure Portia doesn’t want this union.

GH Spoilers Hint Jordan Swings By

Although it appears that is how everything will play out, Portia won’t be pleased when she learns that Jordan and Curtis were in her house while she was at work. Whatever the case, Curtis is desiring some one-on-one time with Jordan to process all that took place before to his shooting. In addition, he is confident that she won’t treat him like a baby or otherwise make him feel inferior, like Portia does to him. Jordan won’t, however, urge Curtis to keep his distance from his wife and daughter.

General Hospital Spoilers — Someone Sends Her Packing

Jordan and Curtis spending time together behind Portia’s back won’t be tolerated, for sure. Maybe that used to be cool, but not now that she knows Curtis and Jordan kissed. Additionally, she is struggling to keep her marriage together while Curtis is going through a personal crisis, and Jordan’s presence will only make matters worse. Will Curtis permit Portia to ask Jordan to go if she needs to? Curtis may decide to make his wife’s presence in her company so intolerable that she chooses to leave if Portia is going to push him to do so. Watch this space for more GH updates and reveals. I’ll simply wait and see how things turns out.

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