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General Hospital Spoilers: Tracy Set Lucy Up, And She’s About To Marty Helped

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Martin ‘Marty’ Grey (Michael E. Knight) and Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) may have been working together for a lot longer than anyone realized, according to General Hospital spoilers. Tracy appears to have learned enough about Marty’s past to have been able to use what she knew against him for her own selfish ends. Despite Brook Lynn Quartermaine’s (Amanda Setton) keen interest in deducing her grandmother’s intentions, what she wants is still a mystery. All future plans may fall apart if Lucy finds out the truth about Marty’s relationship with Tracy.

General Hospital Spoilers — That Wasn’t Alimony

Marty was surprised by the drink in his face but also appeared relieved when Lucy barged into the Metro Court pool and let him have it. Lucy may have discovered that Jackson “Jack” Montgomery (Walt Willey), a prominent lawyer in Pine Valley, was paying him a monthly stipend, but that is where her theories diverge.

Marty doesn’t want Lucy to know the truth, which is that he is being compensated for his contributions to developing the idea of The Deceptor, so he is perfectly content for her to think he is receiving $50,000 per month in alimony from his third ex-wife.

GH Spoilers Hint Tracy is Suing Deception

This week, it was made public in court that Tracy was the one who had filed a claim against Deception, claiming that they had copied her idea when they created and promoted their newest beauty tool, The Deceptor. Of course, Tracy might not have had access to the tool’s blueprints at first, but that’s where Brook Lynn’s spy game came into play. As long as Brook Lynn is trying to protect herself from persecution and keeps her mouth shut, it will be difficult to demonstrate that she didn’t already have them and only learned about them later.

Tracy might be able to pull this off and get what she wants from Marty at ELQ at the same time if she has Marty exactly where she wants him and plans to take advantage of his connection to the real brains behind The Deceptor—his infamous ex-wife.

General Hospital Spoilers — Marty Loses All?

Even though everyone is aware that Tracy is the one suing Deception, Tracy and Marty have not yet been connected. However, rumors claim Since Marty has been hiding so many things from Lucy for such a long time, he is well aware of what Tracy has up her sleeve and feels helpless to stop it. Marty is probably going to stay on this train until the wheels fall off if he believes he would lose her either way. When Lucy finds out that Tracy is extorting Marty, she might believe he is getting what he deserves. Is he? Comment below and share your thoughts. Stay tuned to our site for more GH news and information.

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