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GH’s Donnell Turner & Tabyana Ali Address Negative Social Media

Choosing a career in the spotlight today puts you in the spotlight of social media, both favorably and unfavorably.

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Choosing a career in the spotlight today puts you in the spotlight of social media, both favorably and unfavorably. Donnell Turner and Tabyana Ali, stars of General Hospital, talked about how it affects their lives.

Donnell Turner & Tabyana Ali Get Candid

At a recent Zoom event organized by Coastal Entertainment, Turner and Ali answered questions from their GH fans. Curtis Ashford and Trina Robinson, the father and daughter on-screen duo, were particularly outspoken about how they handled critical comments on social media. Ali immediately dove in. I’ve said it before, but I don’t let those kinds of things or remarks bother me as much because I don’t know who you are, the actress said. My brain doesn’t process it. They don’t know who I am, so it really passes over my head and has no effect on my life.

The actress said, “They don’t know what I’ve been through. My character was also affected by negative social media. They don’t personally know me. My mom is unknown to them. They are unaware of my social interactions. In the end, she doesn’t seem to mind. “I’m like, ‘OK, you say your piece,'” she remarked. Turner spoke up. The actor insisted, “People say, ‘Oh, it’s what you signed up for,’ but it’s really not what I signed up for. “I joined the company to pursue my passion for telling stories on television. Social media didn’t exist when I had aspirations of becoming an actor. So, if you have any unfavorable remarks, you can either share them with your friends at home or keep them to yourself.

General Hospital: When Things Get Personal

The actor shared a personal account of experiencing online harassment. “I remember on Twitter, one year, when we had the second Jordan, played by Brianna Henry, and they were already bad-mouthing her on day two,” he recalled the incident. Turner described his approach to the situation. I wrote on Twitter, “Give her a chance. She got thrown in. You simply have no idea the number of pages or how quickly we move through the workload. The backlash was crazy because I defended my coworker, but it was the way I defended her, so I may have expressed that a little too harshly.

On social media, emotions don’t always come across clearly. Turner reasoned that “my tone wasn’t liked by the public.” The events that followed were brutal. “I experienced what it was like to receive that hatred, and for some people, I suppose, blocking someone is a victory. Good job, I got them to block me. They then posted a screenshot of it and engaged in other silly, passive-aggressive behavior that I don’t really engage in. You understand what I mean when I say that you wouldn’t say it to my face? Fortunately, both actors respond to the social media craziness with a positive attitude. Ali acts in a responsible manner. “I get to decide how I approach that and how I deal with it.”

Turner chooses his battles carefully. The actor admitted that although he occasionally checked social media, he wasn’t very active because he thought reading comments would make him unhappy. He prefers to maintain balance. “You don’t want the highs or the lows to make you feel too high or low. I don’t want to be ruled by the opinions of strangers, am I right?

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