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Hollyoaks Eric star teases ‘things are going up a notch’ as he talks ‘wild’ plot twist

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Angus Castle-Doughty, a star of Hollyoaks, has spoken out about his next “crazy” storyline.

In the most recent episode of the Channel 4 soap opera, shady newcomer Eric Foster developed an obsession with Cindy Cunningham (Steph Waring).

Viewers are aware that in addition to pursuing her, he also made a virtual representation of the widow of Luke Morgan (Gary Lucy) online.

However, as the soap opera continues to explore themes of radicalized misogyny and incel culture through Eric, things are going to get much more horrific.

The screenplays I’m working on are wild, and things are picking up speed, Angus stated in a statement to Daily Star.

“I acquire the least amount of information possible because I get overly enthused and tell many others.

“I think Eric is a little bit on a mission, to the point where he thinks that in order to save his sex, he has to act like he does on his computer in real life.”

Angus continued by talking about the first fan response to his complex character after joining Hollyoaks in March of this year.

He stated: “Initially, they were all interesting. Second, there has been a response, which is preferable to individuals losing interest.

“Thirdly, reactions are occurring. It’s significant that there has been some distance between me and the persona.

“The fans have been fantastic overall, and if they’re responding this strongly to Eric when he’s just fascinating, I can’t wait to see their response when we get to the meat and gravy.”

It has been established that in subsequent scenes, young Mason Chen-Williams will be enticed by Eric into the peril of the dark world.

Lucy Allen, the executive producer of Hollyoaks, explained: “It was extremely difficult to look at and act upon this subject.

“I occasionally worry about the locations Angus [Castle-Doughty] must travel to in his imagination, and I’m not sure how he manages it.

It’s a remarkable piece of work, and we are incredibly appreciative of Channel 4’s encouragement and support for the narrative as well.

At the beginning of 2023, “you should expect to see the big aftermath of the story pitching in hard.”

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