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Home and Away baby revelation leaves fans stunned

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Viewers of Home and Away were ecstatic to meet Dean Thompson and Ziggy Astoni’s baby last week.

Fans were taken aback by the mother of the baby used in the scene after she revealed some behind-the-scenes information in a Facebook post.

Fans were astonished to learn that the baby, who was born to actresses Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor as Ziggy and Dean, was actually a boy named Charlie. Ziggy and Dean welcomed a baby girl into Summer Bay.

“Thompson, the baby girl, was born yesterday night. Helen, a pleased mother, began on the Home and Away Spoilers and Info Facebook page, “AKA my kid Charlie.

She explained, “The frown he pulls in the opening shot was him doing a poo which popped out of his diaper.

Dillman’s reaction to the on-air accident was complimented by Helen, who called it “very professional” and noted that Dillman “went on despite.”

She then revealed some interesting details, such as the fact that Charlie was only three weeks old when the movie was filmed.

According to the NSW government, babies under the age of 12 weeks require authorization from a qualified nurse or midwife in order to participate in TV filming.

In addition, the newborn must weigh more than 3 kg at delivery, be delivered at term, have no postpartum issues, be eating normally, and have gained a suitable amount of weight after giving birth.

Charlie had gained 4kg by the time he was a part of the filming.

“A nurse visits and assesses nutrition, weight, and general health before to filming. Because of this, not every infant may be used; they need to be cleared at least a week or two in advance, Helen said.

Additionally, no mother wants to watch TV right after giving birth.

Only two actors can hold newborns during the day, the new mother added.

Charlie’s top two choices were Cassandra, who portrayed the midwife, and Dillman.

‘Awesome experience’

According to this criterion, the infant who was given to Georgia Adamson’s character Karen Thompson during one scene was not Charlie, but rather another child.

He plays the role of the baby in the scenes, although Karen actually received a different baby. Cassandra the midwife and Sophie/Ziggy had already held Charlie, the author said.

Future sequences will only include dolls or older babies (all of whom are boys), as this was his only day of filming.

Helen responded to a remark that it depended on “which babies are available I think” by outlining the lineup of male babies. At that age, it doesn’t seem to matter much.

Charlie “simply had Sudocrem on his head,” the mother continued, “to simulate a newly born baby.”

Fans of the soap commented, thanking the mother for the insightful information.

“They’re really fascinating information! I appreciate you sharing,” said one.

Interesting information, wow. adore this Thanks!!” one more said.

A third person remarked, “What a great experience that would be, bubba is just so cute.”

The mother’s message, according to one commenter, was “the coolest thing I’ve ever read on this page.”

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