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Home and Away fans are left divided as Channel Seven scraps popular storyline: ‘Bring it back’

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The divisive decision to remove Summer Bay High has caused fans of Home and Away to go into a frenzy over a throwback photo of previous cast members.

After a group photo of Casey Braxton (Lincoln Younes), Demi Harman (Sasha Bezmel), Andrew Morley (Spencer Harrington), and Kassandra Clementi (Maddy Osborne) in school uniform from 2013 was shared to a popular Facebook group, fans of the hit Channel Seven drama were quick to stir up discussion.

Fans flooded the comments section with memories of the school plots, some of whom said that it was their favourite aspect of the show.

A throwback photo of former Home and Away cast members has sent fans into a frenzy over the polarising decision to get rid of Summer Bay High. Pictured, left to right, actors Lincoln Younes (Casey Braxton), Demi Harman (Sasha Bezmel), Andrew Morley (Spencer Harrington) and Kassandra Clementi (Maddy Osborne)

The fictional school hasn’t appeared on the soap since Lukas Radovich (Ryder Jackson) and Courtney Miller (Bella Nixon) were on screens.

One commenter urged the return of Summer Bay High School, and another added, “I wish they would use the school scenes again.”

If I’m being completely honest, I no longer get upset if I miss one, two, or seven episodes. I loved that it USED to appeal to the majority of age groups. A third person commented, “The storylines are a little flat and then, wham, something happens in a far-fetched space of two episodes with little to no build-up.”

Flooding the comments section, fans reminisced about the school storylines, with some noting it was their favourite part of the series

‘Bring back those days. The present storylines are ridiculous,’ another commented. 

But others argued that they were happy there were no more schoolyard storylines.

‘I don’t miss it, I never liked the teenager focused stories,’ voiced one fan.

Summer Bay High hasn’t appeared on the soap since Lukas Radovich (Ryder Jackson) and Courtney Miller (Bella Nixon) were on screens

Another person attributed the change to the recent pandemic, writing: “I’m assuming it may not have been used the last few years due to Covid?” The school scenes generally require a lot of extras, thus they might not have been able to do it in a secure setting.

A third said, “The tale is over, the writers moved on thank God.”

Another concurred, saying, “I believe that as the show and audience mature, so are the stories and there is less focus on teens.”

Channel Seven has been contacted by Daily Mail Australia for comment.

‘Bring back Summer Bay High School,’ one person wrote, with another adding: ‘I wish they would use the school scenes again.’ Kate Ritchie pictured in her Summer Bay High uniform

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