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Home and Away filming locations: Where is the Channel 7 soap filmed?

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HOME and Away has reached its 35th year and has created an army of supporters who tune in for every episode.

But some fans are wondering where all the action takes place – we’ve got you covered.

Where is Home and Away filmed?

The popular Australian soap is filmed in two locations in and around Sydney.


The majority of the interior sequences were shot in a Redfern studio.

Until 2010, these shots were shot at Channel Seven’s Epping studios in Sydney.

However, after they closed, the soap was forced to relocate to the Australian Technology Park in Redfern.

The Palm Beaches

The majority of the outdoor sequences are shot in Summer Bay, which is actually Palm Beach in Sydney.

The outside settings feature Summer Bay’s beach sections as well as exterior shots of several of the homes, the Surf Club, and Alf’s Bait Shop.

It is situated in a suburb in Sydney’s northern district, New South Wales.

Locals call it “Palmy,” and it is home to some of Australia’s wealthiest people and a favourite celebrity hangout.

Where is Home and Away set?

Home and Away is set in the fiction seaside town of Summer Bay, which is located in New South Wales. 

Locations in the town include the beach, a high school, a diner, a bait shop, a garage and a surf club.

Can I visit the Home and Away filming locations? 

Sadly there is no public access to, or tours of, the Redfern studios.

The good news is you can give Palm Beach a visit as it’s a public beach.

Fans can visit australia.coto see all the details of a special guided tour that you can take to see all the different filming locations.

How can I watch Home and Away in the UK?

Home and Away airs weekdays, twice a day – repeating the afternoon episode in the evening.

You can catch it on Channel 5 on Monday to Friday 1.15pm and 6 pm.

Fear not if you miss any episodes as you can watch them on My5.

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