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Home and Away Justin Morgan star James Stewart’s body transformation after ‘giving up the grog’

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Home and Away actor James Stewart has shared his remarkable body transformation following his 12kg weight loss and complete lifestyle overhaul that includes giving up drinking

James Stewart, who plays Justin Morgan in the long-running drama, made headlines recently by detailing his miraculous physical transformation experience. In April, he revealed a 12kg weight loss, as well as a full lifestyle change to prioritize his physical and emotional health.

James disclosed the key to his successful transformation in a candid interview with The Daily Telegraph: a considerable nutritional modification, most notably the elimination of alcohol. While recognizing the effort required, he emphasized that the actual battle takes place in the kitchen and at the bar.

“No one wants to admit it, but the majority of the work is done in the kitchen and at the bar.” “The most difficult part is the food,” he said.

James established a Sunday practice of stocking his fridge with nutritional foods in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He also enlisted Scout, his daughter, to assist him in the kitchen, teaching her the importance of choosing good choices.

The decision to refrain from alcohol, however difficult, represented a watershed moment in his life. “The hardest period” of his metamorphosis occurred when he took the solid decision to close the bar and eliminate alcohol from his life.

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Discussing the job of the liver in cleaning out toxins, he said: “If grog is going in, your body only cleans the grog, it doesn’t clean the food.

“So for two months, if there’s no grog, the body gets used to cleaning the food — and then the love handles go, and that’s where the benefits start.”

The actor’s change had a significant impact on his mental health as well as his physical appearance. The practice, according to James, was “one of the hardest things I’ve ever done,” but the rewards were revolutionary, leading to improved “mental fitness.” He exudes self-assurance and admits to being a better man, husband, and father.

The star has also lately urged young performers against overindulging when attending significant events such as last weekend’s Logie Awards.

“The foyer is going to be filled with a bunch of potential people who are going to hire you in the future,” he said in an interview with Perth Now. It was just one night. You must keep connecting sentences together while not making a fool of yourself.

“If you have to do the Macarena, do it for two seconds, shake hands, look them in the eyes, and walk into the audition room next week.” That is significant.”

Justin Morgan finds himself engaged in a riveting storyline as Home and Away viewers prepare for exciting new episodes. While performing community service, he comes across a disturbed adolescent who seeks his help.

Justin chooses to lend a helping hand with his partner, Leah Patterson-Baker. However, the well-intended gesture may result in unexpected issues in the future.

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