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Home and Away Justin star’s life – co-star romance, mini-me daughter and lavish wedding

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Channel 5 Home and Away star James Stewart has played Justin Morgan on the Aussie soap since 2016 but his life away from the show has involved plenty of action too

James Stewart, who plays Justin Morgan on the Australian serial, has seen a lot of drama, but his life outside of the soap could stand on its own.

Justin has already experienced tense television situations, such as tussling with Martin Ashford (George Mason), saving Alf Stewart’s life (Ray Meagher), and getting shot at by a dishonest cop Ranae Turner (Sacha Horler).

Justin is fiercely protective of his Morgan family members, who have been through various traumatic experiences like losing their parents, being held hostage, and even a plane disaster. He is known as a “trouble magnet.”

The Daily Star has looked into the real life of soap star James since Justin’s life is frequently in danger.

Co-star romances – Jessica Marais

In the world of soap operas, falling in love with your co-stars is a fairly typical occurrence. James and Jessica Marais experienced this.

On the set of Packed To The Rafters, where they portrayed on-screen lovers Jake Barton and Rachel Rafter, James and Jessica fell in love.

In October 2010, they made their engagement public. Their daughter Scout Edie Stewart was born in May 2012.

Sadly, their soap-spark didn’t last, and in 2015 they declared they had “amicably separated.”

Our relationship didn’t work out because, in James’ words to Sunday Life, “I suppose hearts eventually drift in separate paths,”

Lookalike daughter

James and his ex-fiancée Jessica have a daughter named Scout who resembles them both.

The actor occasionally posts a unique picture of his daughter on social media, including one during a day trip with the family to Melbourne.

The father-daughter pair has striking physical similarities and appears to enjoy one another’s company.

James has opened out about the experience of co-parenting with Jessica.

According to him, “parenting couple” is the term used in the industry.

He continued: “It needs both some patience and a very large heart. It becomes simple though if you realise it’s about Scout.”

The Home and Away actor also added that for Scout’s sake, he and Jessica had maintained their dignity throughout their public breakup.

The Home and Away star also explained he and Jessica have kept their dignity during their public split for Scout’s sake.

Co-star romances – Isabella Giovinazzo

Between 2016 and 2017, James allegedly dated Isabella Giovinazzo, a co-star on Home and Away.

They got to know one another while playing the same characters on an Australian soap opera, and they clicked as their characters started dating.

Despite appearing infatuated in stores, the couple is thought to have broken up in October 2017.

Finding love and luxury weddings

When Sarah Roberts, who would later become his wife, debuted as Willow in the 2017 season of Home and Away, James was already a well-known character.

In the course of taking a chemistry test for the role of Sarah, she first met James.

First dates can be rather spicy, especially when Sarah is straddling her future husband on a chair.

Jimmy was restrained to the chair when she entered, straddled him, and began the drama. I suppose the rest is history, she remarked.

In a picturesque castle wedding in July 2019, the pair exchanged vows in front of their loved ones.

Sarah told Now To Love that her special day was a “dream come true”.

“It was really special. We got married in a castle, I think that’s a dream come true,

“And we had all of our close friends and relatives around so I don’t think I could’ve wished for anything more.”

James added that his daughter Scout enjoyed the wedding as much as they did.

He said: “She loved it. She met her new cousins, she got makeup on, she put on a pretty dress. Some of the photos I’ve seen of her are pretty special.”

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