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Home and Away Spoilers – Andrew leaves town with mystery woman

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Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Andrew is reunited with a woman claiming to be his mother, but can she really be trusted?

What should be a touching family reunion takes a dark twist next week, as the mystery surrounding Andrew Lawrence (Joshua Hewson) steps up a gear.

It was recently discovered that the teen, who Justin (James Stewart) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) have adopted into their family, was abducted by his father Archie when he was only four years old. Police did look into Archie at the time because he belonged to the renowned Vita Nova doomsday preppers group, but they found no proof against him and no trace of his missing son.

But in actuality, Archie had taken Andrew and hid him in one of the group’s safe houses. Up until Archie’s passing a few weeks ago, they remained off the radar, with Andrew rarely interacting with the outside world. At that point, a starved Andrew was compelled to contact Justin, a stranger who was doing community service at the house next door..

As neighbourhood cop Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) investigated into the issue, he discovered that Esther, Andrew’s mother, had filed the missing persons report; however, it appeared that the contact information they had for her was outdated.

Knowing the influence of social media, Theo (Matt Evans) decided to publish about Andrew online in the hopes that a relative would be out there.

When there is still no update on the case the following week, Justin visits the station to speak with Cash. To Justin’s dismay, Cash explains that because Andrew is only 17, the dependable taskforce is not taking the case as a top priority. Cash believes that going to Vita Nova himself is a poor idea because it might take them right back to Andrew, as Justin says.

Theo tries to tell Justin about the internet post he made in the meanwhile, but he keeps getting cut off. To avoid raising Justin’s or Andrew’s expectations, Theo has been hesitant to do so up until this point, but there appears to have been some interest in the post with some prospective information.

Theo eventually informs Cash, who invites him to visit the station so they may discuss the messages. Cash warns them to exercise caution because Vita Nova is likely to be aware of the page and Theo has technically interfered with a police investigation (ahem…the one the taskforce isn’t prioritising?).

Theo is told by Cash to publish a status update requesting that anyone with information get in touch with him at Yabbie Creek Police Station. There is renewed hope that they may be on the verge of accomplishing something when Justin is eventually given more speed.

Sure enough, later that day Cash is surprised when a lady (Mandy McElhinney) walks into the police station and introduces herself as Esther Lawrence.

I think you might have found my son, Andrew,” she tells a shocked Cash.

Brought into the interview room, Esther explains that she now goes by the surname Jamieson, and hands Cash her driving licence to prove her identity.

Esther tells that she spent years hunting for Andrew without knowing if he was alive or dead. Cash seems comfortable that she is who she says she is.

She made numerous attempts to persuade Vita Nova to respond, but ultimately had to go on with her life for her own sanity.

Cash promptly recommends a simple way for them to find out whether Andrew even remembers them—Andrew is only a 10-minute drive away, and since Cash has already spoken to Justin and Leah, they are expecting her!

Naturally, Andrew is on guard as he waits for his “mother” to show up. The two ultimately come face to face, and it’s an emotional moment. Leah and Justin battle to keep it together while Esther sobs and hugs Andrew.

While Esther clings to Andrew, Andrew remains emotionless since he is unsure of how to react. Andrew is compelled to acknowledge that he has no recall of Esther as the two sit down. Then, when Esther mentions that they are now a family once more, Andrew loses it and walks out.

Andrew however is emotionless as Esther clings on to him, he doesn’t know what to think. As the two sit down, Andrew is forced to admit that he has no memory of Esther whatsoever. When Esther then talks about them finally being a family again, it all becomes too much for Andrew, who storms out.

Following Andrew to the shore, Justin confesses that he has no idea what to do because Esther is a complete stranger to him and he is terrified.

Esther is welcomed to stay for dinner after they get home, and Justin makes a vow to Andrew that they won’t let anything horrible happen to him. After one of Andrew’s swimming sessions, Esther says the picture of him that Leah saw on his missing poster was taken in a nearby park.

As Justin draws attention to Andrew’s swimming prowess, which he was previously unaware of, everything starts to come together. But until Leah points to the teddy bear in the picture, Esther is unsure of who Andrew is referring to when he wonders what happened to Ted.

That evening, Andrew overhears Justin and Leah discussing their concerns about Andrew and Esther’s inability to connect. Andrew is aware of what he must do as Justin observes that Esther would be crushed if Andrew wanted nothing to do with her.

The following day, Andrew abruptly declares that he wants to move in with his mother. Justin and Leah were correct; he should give her a chance.

Therefore, Justin and Leah take Andrew to the beach to meet Esther before anyone can mutter “DNA test.”

Esther praises them both for taking care of her son and makes a commitment to stay in touch. Before he gets into Esther’s car, Andrew gives Leah and Justin each a heartfelt goodbye hug.

As Justin and Leah wave Andrew off, it seems that everything has worked out just perfectly.

But the following day, Cash is summoned to the station. and his countenance is gloomy when he later leaves a meeting with the taskforce, who had thoughtfully shown up. He replies that the woman they sent Andrew home with… wasn’t his mother as Rose (Kirsty Marillier) queries him about what’s going on.

“Who was she?” you asked. Rose inquiries

“We have no idea,” Cash responds. Yabbie Creek police make another arrest!

Has Vita Nova, the individuals they were trying to shield Andrew from, just received Andrew?

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