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Home and Away Spoilers – Justin captured and shot by Vita Nova

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Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Justin and Cash look set to finally end Vita Nova’s reign of terror, but at what cost?

With Andrew (Joshua Hewson) claiming he wanted to stay with his ‘family’ at the compound following two previous rescue attempts, Justin (James Stewart) has been left frustrated at the cult’s hold over the vulnerable teen.

Since Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) discovered Andrew’s mother Esther’s body, which had been missing for almost a decade, had been recovered buried inside a suitcase at a storage facility, the risk Vita Nova poses has been all too clear.

Although Cash and Justin both believed Vita Nova had to be to blame, there isn’t enough evidence for the police taskforce to establish it.

It wasn’t until Justin found a note in his jacket pocket that he realised Andrew hadn’t been brainwashed into staying, but was just trying to keep Justin from making an enemy of the infamous doomsday prepping group.

Justin mounts another rescue operation the next week, more determined than ever to get Andrew out of there. As Justin prepares to depart, a concerned Leah (Ada Nicodemou) warns him of what these people are capable of and begs him to speak with Cash before doing something stupid.

But this is Justin we’re talking about, and when Cash comes over later, it’s evident that Justin went to the complex by himself!

When Cash later pays, Margot (Mandy McElhinney) does not throw open the welcome mat.

As Andrew stands beside Margot, Cash can see that he’s uncomfortable and asks if he can corroborate Margot’s statement. Andrew can’t look Cash in the eye as he reluctantly confirms that Justin isn’t there.

With no warrant and all eyes on him, Cash is once again forced to leave without being able to have a look around.

Little does Cash know however that Justin is mere feet away, lying unconscious with a head wound, in the container where Margot previously inflicted her punishments on Andrew.

Cash reports back to Leah that there’s nothing further he nor the taskforce can do without a warrant to search the commune, and apparently that isn’t forthcoming.

Meanwhile, Andrew wakes up Justin and gives him some water, emphasising that he shouldn’t have returned for him. Margot quickly finds Andrew and urges him to get back to work before mocking Justin by sending Cash on his way.

The next morning, Cash suddenly realises that he can be of some use after all—he can bypass the taskforce by reporting Justin as a missing person, and thereby gain access to a phone trace in the hope of confirming Justin’s whereabouts.

Justin cautiously exits the premises, but it’s not long before Margot notices and sounds the alarm. As everyone is put on high alert to discover their prisoner, Margot reminds Andrew that if Justin escapes, they could lose everything.

As the Vita Nova members scatter, Justin believes he’s found an opening and makes a break for it…

…only for one of the armed guards to spot him and shoot him through the leg with an arrow!

Andrew rushes to help Justin but Margot is already on the approach, and she orders Andrew to get back inside.

Andrew pleads with Margot to call Justin an ambulance, but she assures him that they’ll take care good of him


If by ‘good care,’ Margot means returning Justin to ‘the room’ to slowly bleed out, she performs an excellent job, as Andrew discovers when he surreptitiously returns to Justin later on.

Andrew uses his survival abilities to bandage Justin before convincing him that he must be the one to call for aid.

Andrew finds Justin’s phone, which Margot had stashed away in a locked cupboard in one of the offices, and makes an emergency call to Leah.

Just as Cash finally receives word from the police that Justin’s phone is at Vita Nova’s complex, he and Leah pick up Andrew’s call (oh well, all that policework for nothing in the end but at least they tried!).

Cash and the taskforce storm the commune and detain all the members including Margot, who amongst her ranting and raving quickly turns on Andrew and labels him a traitor.

With Andrew now back in safe hands and Justin rushed to hospital, is the threat of Vita Nova finally over?

We can never be certain in Summer Bay, particularly when the police choose to bring Margot to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, where she comes face to face with Leah and Andrew once more…

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