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Home and Away Spoilers – Rose catches Stacey cheating on Xander

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Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Rose catches Stacey cheating on Xander, Felicity turns to alcohol, and concerns grow when Theo’s fan sends a package to the garage. How does she know where he works?

While Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) struggles to deal in the wake of last week’s crash, placing all the blame on herself for her closest friend Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) ending up in a coma, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) is working nonstop to bring down those responsible.

When Tane (Ethan Browne) brings his fiancée home after she is discharged from the hospital, she quickly turns off the radio when a song that was playing right before the accident triggers memories.

Meanwhile, Cash is taken aback when he learns from Irene (Lynne McGranger) and Justin (James Stewart) at the hospital that his sister has already been released.

Later, when Tane sees Cash removing one of the listening devices he found in the home, he is compelled to inform Him of the reality.

Tane orders Cash to leave the house that very day because he is incensed that he would remain silent about the knowledge that a hit has been placed on him.

Cash doesn’t know what to say when Flick asks why he’s moving out. She’s yet to learn that the accident was a deliberate act, and he doesn’t want to panic her by revealing the truth about the bikies being after him.

Flick assumes that Cash is leaving right now because she is to blame for Eden’s current condition; if she hadn’t had second thoughts about marrying Tane, Cash would have been driving and Eden would be alright.

Flick immediately begins to think that Cash is moving out as he blames her for Eden now being in a coma—if she hadn’t had a wobble about marrying Tane, Cash would have been driving and Eden would be fine.

Before leaving the house, Cash tries his best to reassure a distraught Flick that it has nothing to do with anything and that she is not to blame for the disaster.

Flick, however, can’t fall asleep that night and is lying awake in bed. The horrifying details of the tragedy all flood back to her when she goes outdoors for some fresh air, sending her into a full-blown panic attack.

Flick steals a bottle of whiskey the following morning as she arrives at Salt for work and locks herself in the storeroom. She pours herself another glass after downing the first one, appearing to have discovered a solution to her suffering.

Is Flick heading down a dangerous path?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, with both Eden and Remi (Adam Rowland) out of action for the time being, fellow Lyrik band members Theo (Matt Evans) and Kirby (Angelina Thomson) get to work on cancelling their forthcoming gigs.

Theo puts a message out on the socials to all the band’s fans, but is surprised when Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) later brings round a parcel that was delivered to Summer Bay Auto.

It’s a framed copy of the artwork that Theo’s fangirl, named “I heart Theo”, had previously DM’d him a few weeks back. A note attached reads “I saw your post about Lyrik. Hope this cheers you up.

While Kirby had initially found the fan’s letters to be endearing, Theo found it difficult to draw the line when the fangirl started to get a touch obsessive since he didn’t want to insult her and hoped that she would stop sending so many messages.

Nevertheless, Theo is pretty stoked with the artwork, and whilst he’s distracted with the amount of detail put into it, Kirby’s alarm bells start ringing when John (Shane Withington) asks how the fan knew to send it to the garage…

Theo can’t help but show Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) the fanart outdoors, and it’s Nik who solves the puzzle when he points out that Lyrik’s van is covered with the “Summer Bay Auto” logo—there are plenty of pictures of the van on social media, so that’s how the fan knew where to send it.

Although the fan merely paid for an expensive courier to transmit the artwork hours after Theo posted on social media, Kirby still smells a rat.

Theo is able to annoy her by jokingly asking whether she’s jealous as Kirby points out that it’s an invasion of privacy. Even though the tension persists all day, Kirby eventually apologizes, saying that she is stressed out from caring about Eden and Remi.

Although Theo had followed Kirby’s advise and remained silent, they both come to the realization that it would be impolite to ignore the fan, so Theo posts a photo of himself posing with the piece of art.

Yet it becomes evident that Theo’s young female admirer is not your typical supporter as we watch her flip through a large scrapbook made just for him and print off the newest image to add to it.

Is Kirby right to be concerned?

Also next week, it seems that Rose’s (Kirsty Marillier) initial concerns about her brother’s new relationship are about to be validated.

After their first date, Xander (Luke Van Os) fell in love with the newcomer Stacey (Maleeka Gasbarri), but he was shocked when she said she didn’t believe in monogamy and would keep seeing other men.

In order to keep seeing Stacey, Xander tried to be honest about his feelings, but he soon realized that it wasn’t for him. Stacey then threw him for a loop by saying she was still open to trying out monogamy with him.

After competing against each other in a series of tasks on the beach, the two appeared to resolve their disagreements. Rose was skeptical about the reversal because she believed that a leopard couldn’t change its spots.

The following week, Rose is watching Stacey take a class on the beach as she has just returned from a swim. The two women laugh it off when one of the contestants, Jordan (Dylan Hare), is particularly flirtatious with them both.

When Jordan later gives Stacey his number in Salt, Stacey initially refuses before giving in. Nearby, Nik is confused, and double-checks with Xander that he and Stacey are now exclusive.

After the pair see Xander heading up for Salt for a date with Stacey, Nik tells Rose about Stacey taking another man’s number. She points out that he could merely have been wanting to organise a PT session, but it’s clear that Rose doesn’t fully believe that herself.

Whilst Xander waits for Stacey, she’s busy meeting up with Jordan who invites her to dinner.

As night falls, Xander’s disappointed when Stacey eventually texts him to say she can’t make their date.

Meanwhile, Rose is out on night patrol when she spots a car parked up with steamed-up windows. It’s quite clear the occupants aren’t playing tiddlywinks, so Rose approaches and knocks on the window…

…only to find Stacey inside with Jordan!

Rose remains professional in front of an embarrassed Stacey, as she tells the pair to move on, but is clearly seething as she returns to the patrol car—how is she going to tell Xander?

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