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Home and Away Spoilers – Tane and Kahu leave Summer Bay

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Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Tane catches up with Kahu and forces him to face up to his actions – starting with a trip back to New Zealand!

Next week, Tane (Ethan Browne) will go on the attack after learning that his cousin Kahu (Jordi Webber) has left town after being exposed as a liar.

Kahu had already demonstrated his dishonesty when he used money Tane had loaned him for a TAFE course and chose to send it to his mother in New Zealand instead.

The objective had been for Kahu to obtain his Personal Trainer certification in order to advance his career at the gym, but Tane quickly learned that Kahu had not registered at TAFE as she had indicated.

Tane, however, consented to allow Kahu to keep the cash as an investment for a fishing trawler company he planned to launch; the cash would be used to register the company and submit applications for necessary permissions.

Tane’s suspicions grew as Kahu shamelessly started sniffing around other Summer Bay residents for money, and was furious to realise he’d been scammed again when an online search revealed that Kahu had not registered his business as promised.

Kahu was forced into revealing that he had transferred the money to his mother under the pretense that it was the proceeds from his boat after Tane got in touch with her and learned that he was reportedly working on a fishing trawler.

Kahu acknowledged that his mother had given him a $50,000 loan to purchase the trawler, but due to bad luck and the boat’s expensive maintenance costs, it is currently docked in a harbor. He has been in a never-ending cycle of borrowing money while maintaining his looks because he has been afraid to tell his mother the truth for fear that she would think he is a failure.

Tane advised Kahu that this was the right time to tell his mother the truth, and he gave him some time to call and break the awful news. However, Kahu instead packed his bags and left Summer Bay.

Next week, Tane is feeling optimistic that he may finally have gotten through to Kahu, until he fails to show up for work the next morning. It doesn’t take long for Tane to realise that his cousin’s belongings have disappeared, and that he’s done a runner.

Running from his responsibilities as usual,” Tane complains to Felicity (Jacqui Purvis). “I can’t believe I trusted him… again!

Tane phones his aunt, who confirms that she hasn’t heard from Kahu and that he is still on his trawler. Tane is still blissfully oblivious of his aunt’s betrayal.

Tane gets a final sting in the tail when he subsequently gets a call from the bank after already deciding that he’s done with Kahu. A questionable houseboat rental purchase was made on the gym’s credit card. What a waste of whanau loyalty!

I guess that explains where Kahu is,” Flick sighs. “So what now?

Now…” Tane replies. “I go get him.

Some distance from Summer Bay, Kahu is living the dream as he strums away on his guitar whilst moored up off a secluded beach.

However, the peace is soon shattered by the sound of an approaching speedboat… it’s Tane! Uh-oh!

Displaying some almighty audacity, Kahu asks Tane what he’s doing there.

I could ask you the same thing,” Tane coldly replies as he pulls up alongside.

Tane is insisting on answers regarding the credit card theft, and Kahu says he can explain, but he rapidly realizes there is no getting out of it. Instead, he merely hands Tane the credit card and orders him to leave his yacht, appearing unrepentant.

Tane points out that, considering he paid for it, it’s his boat and he isn’t going anywhere…

Tane’s words were clearly intended, but Kahu pouts for a time within.

Given that the speedboat has long since left the dock, it’s unclear exactly where Kahu is hoping Tane will vanish to, but ultimately Tane returns to the deck and confronts his cousin.

Tane once again demands an explanation from Kahu, giving him the ultimate threat if he won’t talk…. he’ll tell his mum!

Kahu explains to Tane that his mother had remortgaged her home and spent all of her savings, so it wasn’t just a case of her loan him $50,000. She invested everything she had in her hope that he would succeed, but an embarrassed Kahu has managed to waste it all.

Kahu begs Tane once more not to tell his mother since she will be devastated, despite Tane’s reminder that he owes her the truth. But Tane won’t take no for an answer; it’s past time Kahu accepted accountability for his deeds!

Kahu finally changes his mind the following morning after Tane threatens to file a credit card theft report against him if he doesn’t admit his guilt and start making payments on his obligations.

There’s one caveat though, Kahu insists that he needs to speak to his mum face-to-face. Tane knows exactly where this is going, as he pre-empts Kahu’s request of money for a plane ticket. Quelle surprise!

Tane agrees but can’t help but have his doubts. Kahu has given no reason to trust him so far, so why should he believe he’ll do as he says now?

Tane then comes up with the ideal solution… he’ll go with him to New Zealand. Apart from the obvious, Tane knows that Kahu could do with some support.

As the two jet off to cross the ditch, will Kahu finally face the music?

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