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Home and Away Spoilers – The Summer Bay bomb explodes

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Next week on Home and Away in the UK, as our Summer Bay favourites play pass the parcel with a bomb, who will be holding it when it finally explodes?

Marilyn’s (Emily Symons) war with the shady skincare firm Stunning Organics is set to reach an explosive finale, with their ultimate vengeance putting many lives in peril over the next week.

Marilyn was granted an escape when the corporation agreed to let her out of her contract, but she maintained her campaign in the hopes of finding justice for all of the other brand ambassadors out there.

A brick through Irene’s glass, a threatening voicemail, and secret images taken of Marilyn and Roo (Georgie Parker) all indicated that Stunning Organics was serious about trying to intimidate Marilyn into quiet.

But Marilyn refused to back down and told her story to the media, defying friends’ requests and police instructions to quit stirring up trouble.

With the police unable to take any action, citing a lack of direct evidence that the threats were coming from the company, Marilyn and Kirby (Angelina Thomson) uploaded a further video to social media, calling out the curiously absent CEO.

Stunning Organics are sending me threats because I dare to speak the truth,” Marilyn stated. “Your products cause serious harm, and you treat your brand ambassadors like dirt. So, Mr CEO, wherever you’re hiding, you’re a bully and a coward. You need to show your face.”

“Stunning Organics, you’re not going to scare me off,” she finished. “I’m going to bring your company down, and there is nothing you can do to stop me.

Later the same day, Kirby took in another Stunning Organics delivery for Marilyn at the diner, which confused them both since the boxes stopped being sent weeks ago.

Figuring it was just a mistake, or the company messing with her, Kirby placed the box in the diner kitchen for Marilyn to collect later… unaware that an explosive device was sitting inside, waiting to be activated!

Next week, it just so happens that numerous residents pass by the box while playing the lethal delivery version of Pass the Parcel.

Irene struggles with the box as she calls Marilyn to come remove it since she is tired of it being displayed in the diner’s kitchen. She begs Xander (Luke Van Os) to place it right next to the counter after he graciously takes it off her hands.

Marilyn is busy sorting out more interviews though, and so when Leah (Ada Nicodemou) later finds herself nearly tripping over the box, she offers to take it home with her.

Who needs a fruit bowl when the box is prominently placed on the coffee table in the living room? It stays there all night as Leah and Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) consider what to do with a missing Justin (James Stewart).

Irene is displeased when Marilyn returns the box from its overnight stay at Leah’s and discovers it back on the diner counter.

Marilyn can get rid of the box and all the others left at the Beach House thanks to John (Shane Withington), who is clearing out the surf club and hiring a van for a tip run.

The box remains on John’s desk at the bustling surf club for the following two days, during which time we witness an unidentified figure becoming increasingly enraged as they obsessively watch Marilyn’s movie.

Marilyn receives another threatening text message from the man, instructing her to recant her claims against the corporation within 24 hours. When Marilyn gives Roo (Georgie Parker) the message, Roo decides to continue Marilyn’s disobedience by promptly sending back a message expressing that she isn’t afraid of them.

Marilyn receives a mysterious note the next morning informing her that it is too late. Simultaneously, a phone within the box softly rings, and the device is turned on with a one-hour countdown!

As the minutes pass, John and Roo find themselves firmly in the firing line, as Roo finds a lift to take some of her own trash to the dump.

Marilyn is still perplexed by the message until a second one arrives, this time with a picture of what’s inside the box, simply captioned “BOOM.” Marilyn’s face flushes as she understands they’ve had a bomb in their possession for the entire time.

Marilyn hurries over to the surf club, instructing Irene to phone the cops, only to be informed by Mali (Kyle Shilling) that John has already left.

After a distraught Marilyn explains what’s going on, Mali runs off in his van to track down Roo and John, while Marilyn continues to phone them.

As the seconds tick down, Mali finally catches up to the van and gets John to pull over, yelling at the pair to get out of the vehicle.

Mali rushes towards the van, but it suddenly explodes in a huge fireball, throwing him into the air.

Did Roo and John get out in time, and will hero Mali be okay?!

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