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Home and Away spoilers: Xander has heartbreaking news for Stacey

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Even though it’s not something he’s ever done before, Xander (Luke Van Os) has grudgingly consented to attempt being in an open relationship with Stacey (Maleeka Gasbarri).

He tries to say no when Stacey asks Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) out. Later, she invites Nikau to join them for lunch, and Xander warns her not to flirt in his presence.

Stacey claims that she was only inviting a friend to lunch, but Xander believes that since the relationships she has with people aren’t that genuine, she can’t feel envious. Stacey claims she has, nevertheless, had meaningful interactions with people for a long time. After some reflection, Xander decides to try being more open-minded.

He tells Stacey that he has a date planned for the next day, but she responds that she doesn’t need to be aware of all of his plans even if she is delighted he is experimenting with the idea. When Xander goes on his date, things don’t go well, and when Stacey asks how it went, Xander finds himself lying.

He eventually confesses what occurred to Irene in the diner (Lynne McGranger). She gives him some wise counsel, telling him not to stress yourself out trying to be someone you’re not. Xander suggests that Stacey meet him for lunch in Salt after realizing that he can’t keep pressuring things any longer. While Xander picks at his food, Stacey is enjoying her dinner.

He finally tells her that he must stop seeing other people in addition to her. There is nothing else to say about him; he is a one-girl man.

Stacey feels that he needs more than just one date with another person before he can form an opinion, but Xander is set in his ways and only wishes she had different thoughts. Are they done with this?

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