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Home and Away star James Stewart shares emotional tribute for daughter, calling her the reason behind health transformation

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When James Stewart lost sight of his health, there was one very personal reason he had to act.

James Stewart has credited his 11-year-old daughter Scout with inspiring him to adopt a healthy lifestyle and make significant changes in his life.

The Home and Away actor, who was nominated for a Logies, set out on a voyage with the intention of “showing her” how to lead a healthier lifestyle. as a result, he feels better than ever.

James has discovered that everything is balanced, nevertheless, and that you should enjoy your victories.

A significant accomplishment for the actor is his Silver Logie nomination for the part of Justin Morgan.

Stewart celebrated by partaking in a “healthier than usual celebration” and a vodka soda, which is his preferred beverage when he does consume alcohol.

James tells 7Life that the pandemic caused him to lose focus on his health, referring to COVID as “the big thing” that got in the way.

Everyone was cooking a lot during that time, and since he enjoys both cooking and pizza, he says.

I was eating bacon and eggs for breakfast, pasta for lunch, and pizza for dinner when we all got comfortable and started watching Netflix inside, and time simply flew by.

James experienced what change? Scout, his daughter.

“Most of it came from the idea that I couldn’t tell Scout what to do, I just had to show her,” he claims.

“I had to start practicing what I was preaching if I was going to say, ‘Watch what you eat, watch what you drink, and try to get outside every day.

“Then the benefits started appearing, and as soon as you start to experience even a small benefit, you just want more of it, which is what happened.

“I really didn’t intend for it to happen,”

James’s Home and Away family and the supportive set environment on set keep him going.

“I work alongside Matt Evans, Ethan Brown, and Ada Nicodemou, and Home and Away has a wonderful culture of taking care of oneself and staying active.

“No, we’re not freaks, but it really took off.

“I love weightlifting, so when I saw a six-pack, I was like, ‘Oh look at that!'”

“I just ask one of them at the gym if I don’t know how to do something specific, and they show me how to do it.”

The actor claimed that during an eight-week course, a previous trainer had persuaded him to give up booze; as a result, this time around, he did.

There is sugar in all alcoholic beverages, according to James.

“You need to get your body into a cleaning mode so that everything you eat can be processed by it.

“Therefore, if you consume alcohol, food, and other substances, the body is just overburdened with cleansing all of this stuff.

Simply put, the body is reset.

James claims that despite the pressures of socializing and celebrations, he has been able to combine his good habits and maintain his routine.

He notes that nowadays, most venues will provide canapes or something similar.

If you’re going to have a drink—and you do have to have a drink, you know—you kind of learn to just maybe eat a little bit of food at home before you go out.

“Look, if you’re going out with the lady and getting champagne, that’s OK. If you’re going out with the guys and watching football, and you want to have a vodka soda, that’s also OK.

“But you’re just got to know that tomorrow morning, instead of running for half an hour, maybe run for an hour.

“It’s a balance.”

Proud dad

James gushes about his 11-year-old daughter Scout who appears to be following in his footsteps as an actor.

“She’s been surrounded by it,” he says, pointing out that both of her parents are performers and both of her grandmothers are literature majors.

The rule at night is that you must run lines with your dad if he cooks dinner. She has began by sort of advising me rather than giving me directions.

She has the voices of Alf, Marilyn, and Leah, so I can tell who she is portraying.

The delighted father claims that his daughter has chosen cinema acting as her career path and is not interested in “song and dance acting.”

He says of their relationship, “We do a whole bunch of stuff together because she’s getting more independent, more curious about things.

In his opinion, you should “put your child in the paddock and sort of let them figure it out themselves,” as James claims he has learnt that a parent’s role is to be a “shepherd.”

Although I’m learning just as much as she is, she still amazes me every week, he added.

She is acting in a way that I did not teach her. She really began to exercise her own curiosity, which I adore.

How to vote for James

Nominated for: TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE for Most Popular Actor.

Voting is now open for all popular awards categories, and remains open until the end of the red carpet telecast at 7.30pm AEST on Sunday, July 30.

There is one exception, however — the coveted TV WEEK Gold Logie Award, which, for the first time, will stay open throughout the telecast and close at 10.30pm AEST.

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