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Home and Away star James Stewart warns young actors that partying too hard at the Logies could destroy their career: ‘Parties are behind closed doors for a reason’

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James Stewart has cautioned young performers not to overindulge themselves at the Logie Awards.

With the ceremony and afterparties scheduled to take place on Sunday night, the Home and Away actor warns that celebrities getting too loose can harm their careers.

‘The foyer will be packed with a bunch of potential people who will recruit you in the future,’ says the 47-year-old.

‘It was only that one night. You must continue to tie sentences together without making a fool of yourself.

‘If you have to perform the Macarena, do it for two seconds and shake hands, look them in the eyes, and be ready to walk into the audition room next week. That is significant.’

James went on to say that the best partying is done in solitude.

‘There are never any open doors. Some celebrations are held behind closed doors for a purpose,’ he explained.

At this year’s Logies, James is competing for the prestigious Most Popular Actor category.

He did, however, state on Thursday that he does not believe he can defeat the other contenders in his category, which include Ray Meagher and Sam Neill.

If he wins Most Popular Actor, James said he’ll thank the Home and Away cameramen, according to The Courier Mail.

‘I just want to thank our crew – they’re the ones working all of the really hard yards, 14 hours a day,’ remarked the actor.

‘They witness us at our finest and worst. And, you know, if a cinematographer who’s been doing this for 30 years approaches you and pats you on the back and says, ‘That was good,’ you know it was, because he’s seen a million of them.’

He added: ‘I’d like to thank them, but I’ll only get about four seconds before Sam Pang [host] makes a joke at my expense.’ 

James is up for the prestigious Most Popular Actor award at this year’s Logies

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