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Home and Away star Sophie Dillman reveals a weird detail in her baby storyline with Patrick O’Connor

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On Home and Away, Sophie Dillman portrays a new mother.

She also disclosed a little-known television secret on Wednesday by telling Yahoo Lifestyle that the newborns who portray her newborn girl are all different.

The 29-year-old actress claimed that due of the time restrictions imposed by NSW child labor laws on babies on film or television sets, she had formed bonds with several children.

Since 2017, Sophie has played Ziggy Astoni on Home and Away, while her real-life boyfriend Patrick O’Connor portrays Dean Thompson, her on-screen partner.

Working with babies is amazing because you can’t predict what they’re going to do, she remarked, noting how well-behaved the kids were.

“I thought the acting was fantastic since having a baby who was crying, smiling, or pulling at you meant that you were really in the moment,” the viewer said.

Sophie continued, saying that working with infants on the show has further cemented her desire to have kids with Patrick in the future.

Every time a child arrived on set, we would exclaim, “Oh, you’re the cutest!” Then when the subsequent one arrived, we would say, “No, you’re the cutest!” She chuckled.

Soon, Sophie’s persona will be at the heart of an emotionally charged narrative.

Although Dean and Ziggy only recently become parents for the first time, it appears that the young couple will face challenges in the future.

A trailer unveiled this month suggests Ziggy would struggle to adjust to motherhood and might even experience postpartum depression.

In one scene, Ziggy may be seen staring blankly at a baby’s crib, while in another, she approaches Lynne McGranger’s character Irene for some counsel.

Social media users immediately flooded the promo with positive comments.

One supporter said, “I’m so thrilled they’re capturing real life scenarios with actual emotional journeys some people experience.”

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