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Home and Away updates fans on Tane and Felicity after heartbreaking storyline

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Is there any chance left for them?

According to Home and Away, there might yet be hope for Tane Parata and Felicity Newman’s relationship.

Last week on Australian television, the famous couple split up after tense discussions over Felicity’s drinking. Tane needed some time away to unwind, so he left Summer Bay for a quick vacation.

In an effort to restart his life, Tane returned to the Bay on February 23 in a Channel 7 broadcast in Australia.

Tane’s nephew Nikau felt that he was leaving Felicity too soon, but Tane was determined to respect his former fiancée’s decision by avoiding her.

The personal trainer made matters worse by unexpectedly texting Felicity to pick up the rest of her items from the Parata house.

In a heart-to-heart with her best friend Eden Fowler, Felicity yet acknowledged that she still cared a great deal about Tane.

Eden was intrigued by Felicity’s statement that she was “not ready for this to be finished.”

Unfortunately, Felicity continued: “It’s impossible for us to make it function. This is the time to move on.”

Felicity made a serious error by driving while intoxicated as she continued to rely on alcohol to deal with the trauma of the most recent vehicle accident.

Felicity’s driving privileges were revoked, but the incident seemed to be the wake-up call she required since she turned to Eden and her brother Cash for assistance.

Could Felicity take steps to make amends with Tane as well?

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