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Home and Away’s Alf Stewart to seek help over his hearing

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This week, Alf Stewart, a fan of Home and Away, will seek therapy for his hearing problems.

John had discovered Alf was experiencing hearing problems, but Alf quickly begged him to leave him alone.

In scenes due to run in Australia in the coming days (via TV Week), Justin Morgan visits Alf and encourages him to acquire hearing aids.

Although initially defiant, Alf eventually confesses that he may require medical attention and resolves to leave the Surf Club immediately.

A stunned Justin approaches Dr. Bree Cameron and eventually persuades her to speak with Alf. Alf grudgingly submits to certain tests on her recommendation, with the result that he may require hearing aids.

Alf’s confidence is shaken, and he admits to feeling completely useless, but Marilyn Chambers vows to help.

In another subplot this week, Irene Roberts has been feeling lonely since John’s departure and is overjoyed that someone has responded to her advertisement for a spare room.

She meets Harper, a social worker on an extended holiday, and the duo hit it off. John watches them getting along and is clearly concerned.

Is he right to be suspicious, and if so, what is Harper’s deal?

While the soap is keeping Harper’s backstory under wraps, she and her sister Dana are sure to mix things up a bit, as teased by Jessica Redmayne and Ally Harris, who play Harper and Dana respectively.

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