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Home And Away’s Bobby Simpson star Nicolle Dickson’s unlikely new life as accountant

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Home and Away star Nicolle Dickson appeared on the Australian soap for five years but after her character met her tragic end in a boat accident she has forged a new career path

Nicolle Dickson, best remembered for her five-year stint on Home and Away as the rebellious Bobby Simpson, left an indelible impression on fans. Her portrayal of the troubled girl earned her widespread acclaim, making her the country’s sweetheart at the time.

Nicolle made the difficult decision to leave the program after addressing a succession of traumatic events, including homelessness, the loss of her mother, an adolescent pregnancy, and a troubled marriage to her foster brother. In a heartbreaking narrative twist, her character was killed in a boat accident, leaving fans heartbroken.

Nicolle admitted in a 2018 interview with Woman’s Day that the shift from a long-running soap opera to new acting chances was more difficult than she thought.

“I’d been on Home and Away for six years and you can get stale doing a show like that,” she told Woman’s Day.

“While I was pleased that I went out with a bang, finding [acting] work afterwards proved more difficult than I had anticipated.” It’s really difficult to find a conventional career after being in the public glare.”

Despite breaking away from the spotlight, Nicolle appeared on television multiple times, most notably on the Australian reality show Survivor. Even years after leaving Home and Away, people still recognize her and express their admiration for the character she played for so long.

Surprisingly, folks from back then still remember her and tell her she hasn’t changed,” she told the West Australian in 2018.

“So, Bobby hasn’t abandoned me yet.” She was such an important part of my life in my early twenties, and I have fond recollections of her.”

“It’s quite strange,” Nicolle remarked, “because even though it’s been so long (ago), and I’ve had a whole life since then, and I have grown-up children, it still seems so familiar at the same time.”

However, the public attention made it difficult for Nicolle to find a normal employment, prompting her to accept her husband’s offer to assist with his business’s accounting. She studied accounting and has now found a different job path, saying, “I am pretty happy where I am.”

Home and Away has reached viewers in over 140 countries and launched the careers of over 8000 performers and extras over its spectacular 30-year run. The show’s deep influence can be seen in the careers of various Hollywood stars, including Chris Hemsworth, Isla Fisher, Ryan Kwanten, and Julian McMahon.

Among the many great people who have appeared on the show, Naomi Watts, Simon Baker, Guy Pearce, and the late Heath Ledger are famous figures who have made memorable cameos, adding to the show’s rich legacy.

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