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Home and Away’s Emily Weir reveals why she has no regrets discussing her past struggles with alcohol addiction

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After years of battling alcoholism, Emily Weir recently claimed that her time on Dancing With the Stars “saved” her.

The 32-year-old Home and Away actress further elaborated on Thursday why she was excited to share her tale.

“I’m looking for the truth.” I work in an open manner,’ she told PerthNow.

She credited her mother for raising her as an open book and said that discussing her journey was all a part of the “healing.”

The line between secrecy and privacy is narrow, and I have to continually be aware of that. By telling my tale honestly as I can, it is how I discover more about who I am.

Emily Weir recently revealed her stint on Dancing With the Stars ‘saved her’ after struggling with alcohol dependency for years. Pictured

I owe my mother for it. I’ve always had a voice. She said, “She said raising me was difficult since I ask a lot of questions.

It happens after the well-known actress revealed her troubles and remarked that the cathartic experience of watching the show’s passionate dance routines on Channel Seven.

She told TV Week, “It was really special because the dance was really a story about losing hope and a reflection of our personal journeys.”

Emily used alcohol as a coping strategy for the sorrow of her parents’ divorce while she was in her early 20s, but she was successful in quitting before she was cast in Home and Away in 2019.

“I was clean and sober before I appeared on the show, but my difficulties didn’t end there.” Those monsters developed because I didn’t work on myself enough, she claimed.

Fortunately, Emily joined AA and was able to get help. She also claimed that her appearance on the forthcoming season of DWTS offered her an added confidence boost.

It comes after the popular actress opened up about her struggles and said that the emotional dance routines on the Channel Seven show was a cathartic experience 

“I’ve learned to set boundaries and be kinder to myself over the last five years.” I’m thankful to be a part of Home and Away, and participating in DWTS is one of my all-time favorite experiences, she said.

Even after being sober for five years, Emily said in December that she still struggles to stay sober over the holiday season.

Even though she is “proud” of what she has accomplished, she claimed that Christmas still involves some amount of exclusion for her because she is unable to have fun like those around her.

There are several gatherings and social events. She told The Daily Telegraph, “I guess I do feel something, not the pull or need to drink, which has happily subsided for me, but how will I disperse my energy and how long do I want to remain at that party until people get to the point where you can kind of be excluded.

“The truth is, I still occasionally feel excluded—not because people intentionally exclude me, but rather because I am not on their level.”

‘So I leave early and sometimes I feel sad, where I wish I did not have this problem but then I would much rather be healthy and be sane than the opposite because if you don’t keep in front of it, for me to drink again would mean some serious issues.’

The soap star, who portrays restaurateur Mackenzie Booth on Home and Away, went on to say the ‘contradiction’ of being ‘proud’ and yet wishing otherwise ‘is a normal part of being a sober person’. 

She explained the ‘price is far too high’ to gamble and she was happy to make the social sacrifice for her sobriety. 

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