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Home and Away’s Leah takes drastic action in Justin and Ava storyline

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With the revelation that Ava is Theo’s covert stalker, there are further tensions between Justin and Leah in scenes that will air this week in Down Under.

When Theo decides to move in with girlfriend Kirby, Ava becomes even more irate.

In an interview with Australia’s TV Week magazine, Ava actor Annabel Wolfe gave a preview of what to expect, saying: “The stakes are heightened drastically as soon as her dad finds out [about her fixation with Theo].

Ava has trouble understanding what it means to love or be loved, as well as challenges with abandonment and trust. This is where her initial aloofness and defensiveness come from; at her very heart, she just wants her dad to adore her.

Now it appears that she will get her wish, as Justin seeks to spend time with his daughter.

The issue is that Leah believes Ava is acting, and she is growing upset that Justin, who feels bad for being away from her for so long, can’t see it.

She manages to make her point, though, when Roo shows her some “sultry” images of Ava wearing Theo’s clothing.

Leah gives Justin an ultimatum: unless he resolves the situation with Ava, she won’t be living with him.

He tries to beg her to stay, but Leah has already packed her bags to go and stay at Roo’s.

Will the family be torn apart or find a way to get through this?

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