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Home and Away’s Mali makes heroic move in Marilyn bombing story

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Mali Hudson from Home and Away will take a brave but risky action the next week as Marilyn Chambers’ relationship with Stunning Organics takes a terrifying turn.

The skincare company has sent Marilyn unsettling threats as a result of her courageous stand against the dubious organisation.

In scenes that will appear this week in the UK, Marilyn keeps talking to reporters about how dishonest Stunning Organics is, which causes a suspicious package to be delivered to her. Marilyn has no idea that the gift is a bomb that was meant for her.

The aforementioned box is eventually moved throughout Summer Bay the following week, with the locals being completely oblivious of the lurking danger therein.

Marilyn, on the other hand, is giddy as interview offers keep coming in as a result of her most recent social media post about Stunning Organics.

Unaware that she is the target of the hidden explosives device in the box, Marilyn confidently declares to Roo Stewart as she picks up the last box of questionable cosmetics that the CEO of Stunning Organics won’t know what hit him when she is finished with her exposé.

Marilyn is eager to leave Stunning Organics behind once and for all, but she is unaware that she has accidentally given John Palmer the lethal box, which he intends to take to the dump.

Marilyn is still receiving threats from an unidentified party associated with Stunning Organics, and she has been given 24 hours to withdraw her claims against the business via a text message.

Roo is certain that the organisation is nothing more than talk, and she implores Marilyn to report the threats to the police. She even goes so far as to respond back in Marilyn’s stead, saying, “You don’t scare me.”

Could Roo be risking fate by inflaming Marilyn’s unidentified foe even more?

Marilyn is sure that the worst must be behind her, until she receives another threat – just as John and Roo drive off with the deadly box.

Marilyn is thrown into a panic when she’s sent a photo of the hidden explosive device, before Mali bravely races after John and Roo in his van, desperate to save them from the bomb.

Driving right into the danger zone, Mali screams at John and Roo to get out of their vehicle, just as they pull over.

Suddenly, the van explodes – have John and Roo managed to get out in time, and will Mali also escape unscathed?

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