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Home and Away’s Mia Anderson is left devastated as Chloe’s father arrives

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Mia Anderson of Home and Away will have a traumatic encounter on UK television next week when Chloe’s biological father Matthew Montgomery comes in the Bay.

As Matthew insists on getting to know his daughter for the first time, Mia (Anna Samson) is forced to face horrific memories from her childhood.

Mia sees Matthew (James Sweeny) coming out of the gym, where he has been questioning about her, in upcoming episodes on Channel 5.

Mia chooses to keep her lover Ari Parata (Rob Kipa-Williams) in the dark about the problem and deal with it on her own.

Mia pursues Matthew, warning him that she does not want to have any contact with him. Matthew argues that he’s in the Bay to meet his child, accusing Mia of being unjust by leaving him wondering where they’d been for so long.

Mia informs Matthew that their child is a daughter named Chloe, but she assures him that he will never meet her.

Matthew is on his way to the Diner the next day when he overhears Irene Roberts (Lynne McGranger) calling out to Chloe (Sam Barrett).

Matthew realizes it’s his daughter, so he deceives Irene by asking about Chloe’s food business. Irene gladly hands Chloe her business card, which includes all of her contact information.

Later, Matthew warns Mia that he already knows how to contact Chloe and intends to contact her whether or not she agrees.

Mia explains to Matthew why she never told their daughter about him, but she reminds him that she didn’t give her consent on the night Chloe was born. Mia has never felt comfortable telling Chloe about the sexual attack.

Deceptive Matthew denies that this is what happened, but Mia reminds him that if the truth ever came out, his career as a barrister could be jeopardized. When Mia tells Matthew that he must leave their lives for good, how will he react?

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