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Home and Away’s Rose Delaney leaves Xander devastated in new scenes

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She breaks some news about Stacey’s loyalty.

Next week on UK television, Rose Delaney from Home and Away will have to make a difficult choice after learning that her brother Xander has been deceived.

Stacey Collingwood, a newbie to Summer Bay, and Xander started dating recently, but things have been difficult lately.

When Stacey admitted that she enjoys dating multiple people at once, she originally urged Xander to reevaluate his dating strategy.

Stacey agreed that they may attempt dating exclusively because she didn’t want to lose Xander when he struggled to accept this.

As part of her job as a police officer, Rose is on a night patrol when she notices two people hooking up in a car in the episodes airing on Channel 5 the following week.

When Rose learns that one of the passengers in the car is Stacey, who has been seduced by a client who was flirting with her, she is horrified.

Stacey pleads with Rose to preserve her secret afterward. Rose declines since her brother will always be the object of her loyalty.

Stacey tries to win Rose over by portraying herself as the ideal girlfriend around Xander.

Rose continues to feel uneasy, so she hesitantly informs Xander that she saw Stacey with a different man.

Xander is devastated and holds himself responsible for what transpired, hating himself for thinking Stacey and he could be exclusive.

Stacey apologizes and implores Xander not to break up with her, but Xander isn’t sure if he can ever trust her again.

As Xander considers how their relationship has developed thus far, he begins to worry that his desires are simply unrealistic with Stacey.

Xander decides that ending his relationship with Stacey is a preferable course of action than continuing to live in mistrust.

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