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Home & Away: Is Felicity out of control?

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This week on Home and Away, Felicity makes the decision to organize an impromptu party in an effort to move over her tragedy.

But in doing so, she intensifies her covert drinking. Will she cause herself further harm?

Before the celebrations start, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) is taken aback when her future husband Tane (Ethan Browne) recommends they reschedule their wedding. He’s eager to make it happen because their special day was ruined by a vehicle accident late last year.

But Felicity still struggles with the trauma. But instead of coping with it, Tane doesn’t seem to have recognized that she has turned to drink. He has noticed her reluctance to continue their plans, but he is still optimistic.

The emotional impact hits Flick now that the dust has settled after the crash, according to Jacqui.

She “uses alcohol to numb the shame and pain” since she feels responsible for the accident.

Felicity sulks at Salt with her equally depressed brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright). Eden, his girlfriend, has finally emerged from her coma (Stephanie Panozzo), but she has no memory of Cash.

Felicity perk up after a few drinks and proposes they have an unplanned party to feel happy.

The following day, Tane returns home to an uproar: Felicity is quite inebriated, there are people in the pool, and a DJ is playing loud music. She tells him to relax, but she doesn’t seem sorry for the crazy things that happened.

She runs off after telling Tane she doesn’t want to get married in a drunken outburst.

The incident has made Tane more protective of Flick, but Ethan warns that it could also cause them to grow apart.

The party may have officially ended.

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