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‘I think it would work’ A Place in the Sun star teases spin-off series ‘In the pipeline’

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A PLACE IN THE SUN could be set to launch a spin-off series showing what successful house-hunters got up to next.

Fans continue to love the distinctive structure of the well-liked Channel 4 travel and property program, which features sun-seekers discovering their ideal house abroad after 22 years on television. The hosts of A Place in the Sun frequently find the show’s couples their dream houses, and if everything goes according to plan, viewers will see them beaming as they embark on their new journey. However, some have urged the show to go further and examine how people came to make their significant choices. A Place in the Sun’s Craig Rowe discussed the potential for this in the shape of a spin-off series in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk. When discussing the plan, Craig declared: “I’m positive it would be successful!

“I believe I am aware that they occasionally do revisits through Zoom call on the A Place in the Sun website.

Therefore, I believe that we will begin by having the presenters participate.

Currently, a woman from the office handles it, but I believe the intention is to have presenters take the lead on Zoom calls with homebuyers to catch up.

Afterward, who knows? I mean, everyone always says to me, “I’d love to see a show where they showed what occurred afterwards. ” So, I’d like to believe it would inspire a program one day.

The real estate expert continued, “I’m really hoping that happens in the future.

“I mean, I’d love to be a part of that, and so many of my house seekers have stayed in touch, as I’ve stated.

“It would be wonderful to sort of go over and see them at their vacation house, see what they’ve done, what the modifications they’ve made, and what they do on a daily basis.

“So, yes, I can envision that. I have a hunch that might occur at some point.

“I mean, I just kind of have a feeling that it’s coming.”

Not just Craig has hinted at a second season of A Place in the Sun.

In an earlier interview with Express.co.uk, Laura Hamilton stated: “We do catch up, and returning home is always pleasant. So, we act personally.

“However, I think it would be wonderful if there was a chance for us to broadcast to the viewers at home, as I believe that people are eager to see what occurs next.

Added her “It’s great for us that people want to watch it.

And I suppose we occasionally post those stories to our social media.

But who can say? The future? Keep an eye on this place; it might be something we get to see on television.” Leah Charles-King, a property specialist, also foresaw a spin-off, stating to : “I believe some of my favorite events are those that go unnoticed by the camera!”They won’t ever be shown and aren’t captured on camera! It would be ten times more entertaining if they made a spin-off of this to show what truly occurs!” A Place in the Sun may soon have a spin-off series, so who knows?

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