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”I’m leaving”: Ava drives a wedge between Justin and Leah on Home and Away

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”I’m leaving.”

In Home and Away this week, tensions rise between Leah and Justin after Justin’s daughter Ava’s actions force her nephew Theo to move out.

After learning that Ava (Annabel Wolfe), a teenager, is his internet stalker, Theo (Matt Evans), decides to move in with his girlfriend Kirby (Angelina Thompson) to put some distance between them. Ava snaps at those close to her as a result of Theo’s absence.

The stakes have substantially increased since her dad learned of her obsession with Theo, Annabel, 20, says TV WEEK.

Ava has trouble understanding what it means to love or be loved, as well as challenges with abandonment and trust. She initially acts distant and defensive, but this is because at her core, she only wants her dad to love her.

Leah can see through Ava’s act. IMAGE: Seven

In an effort to help his daughter forget about Theo and get back to their normal lives, Justin (James Stewart) makes an effort to get to know her.

But, Leah (Ada Nicodemou) is enraged that her lover is unable to see past her good-girl persona.

Justin really doesn’t want to, though. He will always regret not spending more time with her, and he is aware that nothing he can do can make up for it.

Justin is aware of how much his daughter has developed while he has been away, according to Annabel.
When they strive to communicate and comprehend one another, “this transformation, both bodily and mental, creates walls.”

When Roo (Georgie Parker) passes her seductive pictures of Ava wearing Theo’s clothing, Leah drives home the reality about Ava’s erratic behavior just as they are about to settle into a routine.

After a contentious discussion, Leah commands her partner to restrain his daughter while she stays at Roo’s house.

Leah is already packed her luggage despite Justin’s pleas to stay since he is in too deep.

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