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Kate Ritchie pays tribute to beloved Home and Away employee: ‘I really don’t know how she managed it’

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Kate Ritchie has expressed her gratitude for a cherished member of the Home and Away cast.

On Carol Toohey’s 80th birthday, the 44-year-old honoured her contributions in an Instagram post by cuddling up to her.

“Yesterday I joined a room full of people in congratulating Carol on turning 80 years old! ” In a lengthy caption, Kate wrote.

She cared for and fed many of us for 40 of those years out of her teeny kitchen at Channel Seven. I’m actually not sure how she did it.

A Country Practise, Sons and Daughters, as well as the cast and crew of @homeandaway, she continued. Thanks to Carol, Pippa prepared every meatloaf she ever did.

every milkshake and muffin in the diner? Yes, Carol was also there. With 15 sequences in the Fletcher House ahead of us, she made us toasted sandwiches when we were hungry and hot toddies when we were sick.

Every August, she baked me a chocolate birthday cake, and in December 2007, she made me another cake for my last day. in actuality, four cakes!

“A huge K-A-T-E, and I have pictures to prove it.” Carol, thank you for all of the aforementioned, for showing me that one way some of us express our love is via food, and for bringing so many of us together yesterday. It topped out my cup. Usually, it does.

It comes after radio star Tim Blackwell appeared to have confirmed rumours of a feud between him and former co-star Kate.

When asked on the Shock Jocks podcast about her departure from the drive time show, the 41-year-old made a snide remark that appeared to allude to a dispute with his former Nova FM co-host.

Tim said, “That’s a question for her, I know nothing,” in response to the issue of what caused Kate to leave.

I believe it ran its time and I believe she wanted a fresh opportunity, and [new presenter] Ricki-Lee Coulter was also present, he continued.

Tim continued to praise his new co-host, describing her as “the female version of him” and “powerful, vocal.”

She’s a little bit of a control freak, but she knows what she wants, and we adore her for that. She’s also extremely vocal, quite strong, and has her own opinions.

Earlier this year, Ricki-Lee took up Kate’s role on the programme, and the name of the show was changed to the Ricki-Lee, Tim & Joel Show.

After an extended absence and a stay in treatment for alcoholism, Kate had left the show.

Along with co-hosts Tim and Joel Creasey, Ricki-Lee expressed her happiness at taking over the segment.

After quitting the show following a long absence and stint at rehab for alcohol dependency, the popular radio host was replaced by Ricki-Lee Coulter (left)

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