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Lauralee Bell Creates A Loving Tribute of The Y&R Fan Event

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This is a must-see for any Y&R fan.

The Young and the Restless Fan Club Weekend recently honored Lauralee Bell, who two weeks ago marked 40 years on the CBS serial opera, with an outstanding tribute that she wrote, produced, directed, and filmed.

Lauralee Bell Honors Y&R

Celebration at the #YR Fan Event!! Bell posted the video tribute on her official Instagram with the following caption: It was wonderful to have visitors from all around the world, close and distant! Since the majority of our viewers were obviously unable to attend, here is a little “behind the scenes.” And know that you were there in our’s because it takes every single one of you to have brought us here! #yr50,” she continued.

The gorgeous celebrity also expressed her gratitude to few other people. “I want to thank Cathy, Joe, Matt, Matt, Nikki, Amy, and all the amazing volunteers for everything! I’m sorry if I didn’t manage to include you in the video. There wasn’t much time left! The first things we did were sign programs and take pictures.

Through a spokesperson, Lauralee Bell said, “It’s great to have a Fan Club event for The Young and the Restless again for the first time since the pandemic started, and the timing with our 50th anniversary couldn’t be better.

“Of course, we are commemorating this significant year, but when I learned how many nations were represented among the fans who had traveled to attend this event, I thought the line ‘everyone around the world, come on’ from the well-known party song ‘Celebration’ by Kool and The Gang was a perfect fit.

“It was great that the crowd cooperated when I asked them to make an impromptu wave! As I panned across the room, I hope people can recognize themselves in the film!

“I try to include as much behind-the-scenes fun for the viewers in all of these movies, and I express my gratitude to them frequently. I must admit, I was shocked by how many guests this weekend claimed to have started watching back in 1973! That’s a significant portion of their lives given over to Y&R! We definitely do have the best fans!” Check out the actress’s photo gallery below.

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