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Lisa Riley of Emmerdale reflects on a tragic loss in a moving social media post.

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The Emmerdale actress Lisa Riley recently sent a lovely and moving statement on Instagram to mark a difficult occasion.

It has been 11 years since the actress, who portrayed Mandy Dingle from 1995 to 2001 and from 2019 on, lost her mother Cath.

Lisa had previously discussed the sadness of losing the lady she described as being “so special, so funny, so compassionate, so caring, unbelievably happy, and so giving with her time, to EVERYONE.” Cath had been diagnosed with cancer.

After another year has passed since Cath’s passing, Lisa has used Instagram once more to upload memories of her mother and express the anguish she is currently experiencing as a result of the loss.

On the day you passed out and went to paradise, which was exactly 11 years ago today, my Beautiful Mum, CATH,’ she wrote.

“I want to show off your gorgeous grin to everyone and show them how contagious your enthusiasm was to everyone you ever met.

No matter how long you’ve been away from us. So many people tell me about how you changed so many people’s lives and brought joy to many others. especially your character strength.

“Today is going to be a real day of remembering.” Since we know you sparkle, keep shining and shine on all of us. With your powerful smile and stamina. I adore you, Mum.

Many of Lisa’s followers have responded to the touching letter by sharing their own recollections of loved ones who have passed away. 2015. I lost my mother to cancer. Know how you feel, and send xx’s of love, one said.

Many commenters point out that Cath had a stunning smile in the photo Lisa showed of her, and that Lisa had inherited this trait from her.

She has a gorgeous grin and a lot of love in her eyes, and she looks stunning. One person remarks, “How wonderful you got to call her your mum,” while another person adds, “You have her smile.”

Co-stars of Lisa from Emmerdale also express their condolences for their pal.

Michelle Hardwick (Vanessa), Bradley Johnson (Vinny), Martelle Edinborough (Suzy), and Karen Blick (Lydia) all send their sympathies along with the words, “So much love to you all Lisa.”

Lisa supports the Sue Ryder charity’s #ToBeHonest campaign, which calls for people to be open and truthful about their grieving feelings.

She earlier claimed that there is no right or wrong way to grieve. It’s critical to keep in mind that all feelings are legitimate. You don’t have to downplay or hide your emotions if you feel angry, guilty, frustrated, or resentful after a loss.

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