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Lucy Romalotti on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS — Everything You Need To Know

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It is perfectly understandable that some viewers might want to brush up on Lucy Romalotti and her background in Genoa City because she hasn’t appeared on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS in a while. We can certainly help, though! The character initially appeared in 2011 when Lucy was born, and from then until her departure in 2013 she was portrayed as a baby by a succession of triplets, then a pair of twins. Played by young actress Lily Brooks O’Briant, Lucy returned to Genoa City in February 2023, all grown up, and she has since made sporadic visits ever since.

Daniel Romalotti and Daisy Carter’s child is Lucy. Unfortunately, she was the result of rape because Daisy, who was unstable, drugged Daniel before they had a sexual encounter and then left town. She returned to Genoa City some months later on Halloween to announce her pregnancy and was ultimately detained for her crimes.

Daniel initially had no desire to interact with Daisy or the child, but after Daisy was given to his mother, Phyllis Summers, he changed his mind and invited Daisy to live with him. Daisy offered the child to Kevin Fisher and Jana Hawkes as compensation for Jana not testifying against her in court. Kevin Fisher is Daisy’s half-brother. Jana was driving Daisy to the hospital on New Year’s Eve when she went into labor, but when she caught Kevin kissing Chloe Mitchell, she let Daisy go.

Daniel assisted with the delivery of his daughter after discovering Daisy in labor on the side of the road. Daisy, however, knocked him unconscious and fled with the child. Before escaping to Canada, she dropped her off at the Church of the Sacred Heart. Billy Abbott eventually purchased the infant on the illicit market, and he and Victoria gave her the name Lucy.

Phyllis wanted Lucy to live with her true family after learning that Victoria and Billy were caring for Daniel’s daughter. Daniel was worried, though, since he thought Daisy would learn and return to get her. When the adoption was revealed to be illegal, the situation became moot, and Lucy was taken away from everyone until Daniel could provide formal proof of his paternity.

Daniel gave up his parenting responsibilities so that Billy and Victoria could legally adopt Lucy. Outraged, Phyllis convinced Daisy to return to Genoa City so she could reclaim her parental authority. Daniel ran away with Daisy out of concern for Lucy’s safety, but Daisy later vanished and ended up in a mental institution. By this point, Daniel and Heather Stevens had reconciled, and the group relocated to Georgia in 2013 to start a family.

In 2023, Daniel said he was coming back to Genoa City to put his life back together after screwing up with Heather and Lucy. Naturally, Phyllis couldn’t let things go well enough alone and traveled to Portugal to meet with Heather, which led to the return of both she and Lucy to town. Like most teenagers, Lucy avoided her father, but when he persisted, she eventually confessed how much his actions had affected both her and her mother. She told Daniel that she was wearing a blue bracelet because it was his favorite color and it made her think of her father, who had always loved her. Lucy handed Daniel the bracelet as a reminder that he was in a better place after Daniel made the assurance.

In April, Lucy returned to Genoa City to attend Phyllis’ burial ceremony and console her father through his difficult time. He later disclosed, nevertheless, that he had discovered his mother had staged her own demise after getting lost in a depressing state. Although she was concerned about what this was doing to her dad’s mental health, Lucy vowed to support him.

Heather encouraged Lucy to pay her father another visit in August to see how he was doing as Phyllis was set to go in front of the judge for fabricating her death and killing Jeremy Stark in self-defense. Lucy remained skeptical despite Daniel’s assurances that he was alright.

Watch Y&R to find out what happens next!

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