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Neighbours 2022 stories – Terese death fears, Kyle tragic fate, and a serial killer plot

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Australian soap Neighbours is a fan-favorite over in the UK, but what can fans expect from the Channel 5 show in the New Year? From serial killers to tragic deaths, it’s all here…

Neighbours have aired some pretty wacky storylines over the years.

We’ve seen Paul return with a baby who isn’t a Tanaka, the investigation of a poly relationship with Amy, and much more in recent months.

But what can fans expect from the Australian soap in 2022?

Fans have a long list of expectations and desires for next year’s season, ranging from serial killer clues to Kyle’s potentially tragic fate as he battles cancer.

Though the Channel 5 serial will take a hiatus over the holiday season, ending on a huge cliffhanger, it will return the following year.

Here are some of the top fan predictions for 2022.

Kyle’s tragic fate

Kyle Canning hasn’t had it easy at Ramsay Street, from momentarily losing his sight due to a solar eclipse to being blackmailed over a vehicle sales event.

His most recent plotline, though, maybe the most depressing yet, with fans expecting a tragic ending for the character.

Kyle was diagnosed with cancer after taking part in a testicular cancer screening booth, and he’s undecided about telling his family.

It’ll undoubtedly be a terrible few months for Roxy and Kyle, but could Kyle be murdered off at the end of the storyline?

Some worried fans think so, as one fretted on social media: “Is Kyle going to end up dying?”

“I actually felt that Kyle was going to eventually move on from this, but Roxy proposing is making me think he’s going to die at some point in the next year…” another posted.

While someone else worried: “I was confident until that marriage proposal. Feel like it’s going to end with them getting married while Kyle is on his deathbed and he dies straight after.”

“It does have an ominous feel to it,” someone else agreed, “but I bet it will be a wedding to remember!”

Terese death fears

Terese is dangling over a chasm in the Christmas cliffhanger for 2021, and she is fighting for her life.

Her life is certainly in danger, according to spoilers, and it’s all due to her relapse into drinking following her breakup from Paul Robinson.

When Terese’s family discovers she’s spending Christmas alone despite claiming she wanted to be alone, they start looking for her – but it’s Harlow who finds her on the Lassiters’ rooftop.

Harlow argues that Glen is up to no good when it comes to Terese and Paul, and tries to show Terese the report she’s dug upon him, but Terese tosses it off the roof, drunk out of her mind.

But in the process, she loses her balance, and has to cling to the edge of the building…

Some fans think she will – but that another familiar face could be in the firing line instead.

“I really hope Paul saves Terese from Harlow but Glen is behind him, and he tosses Paul off the ledge and has Paul clinging for dear life as the cliffhanger for #Neighbours!” one fan said on Twitter.

Harlow’s serial killer roots

Harlow’s gradual descent into madness could be taking an even more dangerous turn, since it’s not just Paul’s evil influence that viewers must watch out for.

Harlow may soon succumb to her serial murderer father Robert’s insidious spell after it was found that she has been covertly seeing him in jail.

“She’s a Robinson and her father is a serial killer!” one fan remarked on Twitter. “What makes you shocked about Harlow?” says the narrator.

“I really hope we get more Leo/Harlow scenes,” one fan wrote, pointing out the parallels between Leo, Harlow, and Robert, and suggesting that they could all take inspiration from one another. Leo has always reminded me of Robert (without the murders, of course), which makes their relationship intriguing in and of itself.

“It would be nice to see Neighbours actually develop and explore their family dynamic.”

While a third agreed: “I have indeed noticed a change in Harlow’s behavior lately!”

Nicolette villain arc

With tensions between Nicolette, Chloe, David, and Aaron at an all-time high, it’s no wonder that Nicolette would flee Ramsay Street and sell a kid to Paul for a million dollars.

However, other fans believe she may go much further and have a full-fledged villain storyline.

But some fans reckon she could go a step further and undergo a complete villain arc.

One Reddit user wrote: “I really wish they had made Nicolette truly evil.

“I wanted her to have killed Mrs. Mangel, to have killed the guy she was caring for and stealing the scratch card… make her a true angel of death.

“They could have carried that on as a subplot for years, allowing the character to mix freely but with dark secrets. That would have been a very easy out for them if/when Charlotte’s time on the show comes to an end.

“I know it isn’t normal to have a regular character be properly evil (even Paul just plays at being evil) but it could have been so much better.”

But it’s never to late to change…

It comes as part of a timetable change for UK fans, with episodes of Neighbours screening in the UK before they air in Australia.

The new move will start from January 2022.

It was four weeks behind at first, but as Peach, an Australian network, reduced the number of weekly episodes, the UK began to catch up.

Australia is currently on track to fall behind the UK schedule, which resumes on January 3.

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