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Neighbours reveal the tense aftermath of Terese’s big cliffhanger

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When Neighbours returns in January, Terese Willis will be saved by Paul Robinson.

Following a fight with Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan) over private investigator John Wong’s report on Glen Donnelly, Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) was barely holding to the edge of the Lassiters rooftop in the 2021 season finale (Richard Huggett).

Paul (Stefan Dennis) enters the hotel and goes to the rooftop, where he successfully pulls Terese back up and saves her life.

Harlow’s uncharacteristic lack of emotion to the dramatic occurrence has gotten a lot of attention in the aftermath.

Harlow appears unconcerned about what transpired, and Paul chastises her for focusing on the PI report rather than aiding Terese.

Harlow’s uncommon change in behavior attracts more attention than ever, and Roxy Willis’ (Zima Anderson) notion that she’s turning into her murderer’s father Robert is revived.

David, on the other hand, has a different opinion about what Harlow is going through and wants to talk to her about it…

Amy Greenwood is also surprised to see her daughter Zara Selwyn, played by Freya Van Dyke, arrive in Erinsborough in the first week of January.

Zara walks in on Amy in bed with her boyfriends Levi Canning and Ned Willis in a previous clip promoting episodes appearing in early 2022.

Freya Wozniak touted as the “ideal mystery girl,” will be played by Phoebe Roberts. Freya has scenes with Levi as a potential new love interest in the trailer.

In 2022, Roxy’s mother Gemma Ramsay, played by Beth Buchanan, will also appear.

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