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Neighbours Spoilers – Leo struggles after Britney’s death

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Next week on Neighbours, Paul and Terese are on their way to reconciliation, but will Terese’s love for Glen ruin them? Meanwhile, Leo is struggling to adjust to his new normal, with disastrous results.

These scenes air in the UK from Tuesday 24th January, and in Australia from Friday 28th January.

Paul and Terese get closer to reconciliation

In this week’s dramatic events, Paul (Stefan Dennis) sustained a lacerated liver and was on the verge of death when a telegraph pole smashed through the Flamingo Bar.

He couldn’t attend Britney’s (Montana Cox) memorial service due to his injuries, and he was heartbroken that he couldn’t be there for Leo (Tim Kano) on such a tough day.

If there was a silver lining to the tragedy, it was that Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) realized how much she still cared for Paul.

Terese’s near-death incident occurred only a few weeks ago when she was left clinging to the roof of Lassiters. Paul was taken aback by how close he came to losing her, and Terese has realized that she truly wants to mend their marriage as a result of the tragedy.

She decides to move into Paul’s Lassiters penthouse this week in order to care for him. Paul is pleased that she is moving in, but he tries to hold his cool, knowing that if he comes on too hard, he would overwhelm her.

Terese is torn about moving in, with guilt playing a significant role in her decision. She blames herself for the catastrophe since she hesitated to evacuate the Flamingo Bar partygoers, but she also feels bad about her increasing love for Glen (Richard Huggett).

However, as she looks after Paul in the days ahead, the spark that drew them together in the first place begins to reappear. When Glen makes a shocking confession, their mutual hatred for him draws them even closer.

Terese continues to enjoy taking care of Paul next week, but she is conflicted. Meanwhile, Paul is more optimistic than ever about his relationship and believes they’re on the right track.

He persuades Terese to return to marriage counseling in order to make the best of the circumstance. Their previous attempt failed miserably, but this time they’re in a better position, and their clear minds enable them to get to the root of their problems.

Paul also discusses his mother’s extended sickness and final death, as well as how he behaved during that time. Is Paul’s questionable behavior over the years due in part to the trauma he suffered as a result of that experience?

Terese makes a confession in the program broadcast on Friday 28th January in the UK and the following week in Australia. She finally confesses her emotions for Glen to Paul, admitting that she only moved into his flat out of remorse.

She expects Paul to be angry, but she still wants to be open with him. She is astonished, though, when he only offers her support and understanding.

Has Paul really turned a corner?

Leo struggles after Britney’s death

Leo’s life has been turned upside-down by the telegraph pole that burst through the top of the Flamingo Bar.

Britney Spears, with whom he had a brief but passionate relationship while residing in New York, made an unexpected appearance in Erinsborough with his kid last year. They vowed to raise Abigail together, but their love for each other quickly reappeared, and on the day of Roxy’s (Zima Anderson) and Kyle’s (Chris Milligan) wedding, they shared a passionate kiss.

Britney was tragically killed in the storm. Leo is now faced with the idea of rearing Abigail on his own while grieving the lady with whom he had recently rekindled his love.

The task of juggling work and Abigail begins to take its toll on Leo in next week’s episodes.

He can’t stop thinking about Britney’s death, and when he finds that Terese’s carelessness resulted in the Flamingo Bar not being evacuated in a timely manner, he decides to sue Lassiters. He understands that it would not bring Britney back, but he wants someone to pay for what has occurred.

He’ll be exhausted by the end of the week. The vineyard cleanup, the newborn baby, and his rage at Terese’s actions have all become too much for him to handle, and he isn’t giving anything his entire focus.

Aaron (Matt Wilson) and David (Takaya Honda) – who spent weeks caring for Abigail during the baby swap debacle – are eager to help, but Leo insists on looking after her alone.

He’s suddenly confronted with yet another potential calamity when he takes his gaze away from Abigail for a few seconds, and she falls off the sofa and onto the floor! Is she going to be okay?

Kyle and Roxy are having a difficult time.

Kyle and Roxy, on the other hand, are finding their honeymoon a little more difficult than they anticipated.

The couple heads out to a gorgeous coastal locale, with nothing to do but enjoy each other’s company, more than a week after their wedding celebration ended in disaster.

Kyle was diagnosed with cancer out of the blue, and while he was given a favorable prognosis for recovery, the illness quickly spread to both testicles. He got them removed unwillingly, fearing that he wouldn’t be able to satisfy Roxy in bed.

Roxy was motivated to propose to Kyle in the first place because she wanted to prove that she was completely dedicated to him, regardless of how well he performed in the bedroom.

Kyle is ready to put his todger to the test now that his chemo is finished and the couple is blissfully married and going on their honeymoon.

He’s armed with testosterone patches, which should allow his body to function normally again. Kyle, though, is so anxious to satisfy his new bride that he adds a couple of extra patches just to be sure.

Unexpectedly (or happily? ), an issue arises. The patches have gone overboard, and the two must make the best of a bad situation.

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