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Neighbours spoilers: Zara leaves mum Amy to die

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Since she first walked down the street, Zara (Freya Van Dyke) has been a thorn in Amy’s (Jacinta Stapleton) side. But in Neighbours, that grief is about to become more than figurative, and potentially life-threatening.

Amy has lost her job as a result of the Flamingo bar disaster, and she is worried about how she will maintain herself and Zara. She spends large cash on something she believes will assist on the spur of the moment, but she quickly regrets her mistake, and it is too late to reverse it. Is it possible that she’s just made things ten times worse?

Zara, on the other hand, couldn’t care less about how hard her mother toiled. She’s attempting to adjust to Erinborough High, but it’s not going well, and, in typical adolescent fashion, she can only focus on her own world at the moment.

She has a run-in with some teachers and means girls, and she loses it when she learns about Amy’s new money-making scheme. Jane (Annie Jones) takes the brunt of her adolescent wrath and is completely taken aback.

Furthermore, learning of Amy’s blunder prompts Zara to do what she does best: fly off the deep end. Amy is disturbed when she learns that Zara has reached new lows. She’s exhausted from having to deal with this thorn in her side. Things get heated between them, and Amy takes the brunt of it physically.

However, it becomes evident that Zara is acting like a typical adolescent, kicking off because she is anxious for her mother’s attention. Zara lashes out and shoves Amy as their argument becomes heated.

Amy seemed to be alright at first. However, she is suddenly overtaken with discomfort. Zara walks away coldly rather than enlisting her assistance.

Things swiftly spiral out of control, and Amy collapses, unable to breathe or do anything to assist herself. Ned locates her in time and gets her to the hospital, but things do not appear to be going well. Zara understands the gravity of the situation; she has caused her mother’s death, and she may never wake up.

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