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New Rovers are welcomed on Coronation Street. As Jenny is compelled to close the pub, the previous owner

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Jenny Connor of Coronation Street has been under increasing pressure ever since she learned that the Rovers Return may have to close due to budget constraints.

Sally-Ann Matthews’ Jenny Connor from Coronation Street and the Rovers Return may be spared after a newcomer on the cobblestones makes a significant gesture.

In following scenes, Jenny and Daisy Connor (Charlotte Jordan) are devastated to learn that Glenda Shuttleworth (Jodie Prenger), who was supposed to sing at their event to impress the Newtons, has lost her voice.

Nevertheless, despite Glenda’s inability to perform, she succeeds in securing singer Glyn Young, impressing Philip Newton.

When an older guy with a hearing aid comes, Jenny, Glenda, and Daisy become terrified that the night will be a failure.

After a disastrous evening, will Philip and Henry agree to purchase the Rovers?

Later, Henry Newton (George Banks) gently informs Jenny that the brewery isn’t willing to purchase the Rovers after reviewing the accounts and gives her the contact information of a developer.

An uproar Jenny informs Daisy that a real estate developer will be valuing the bar because she has run out of choices and understands she can no longer maintain it.

Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) and George Shuttleworth (Tony Maudsley), meantime, explain in the Kabin that they have created a crowdfunding page in the hopes of saving the Rovers.

George tells Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) that given her relationship with Henry, she might be able to utilise her feminine charm to persuade him to reconsider buying the property.

Later, Henry tells Gemma that he merely wanted some time alone with her and that she should not expect to work on a cider campaign when she checks into a hotel.

George unintentionally divulges that Gemma will meet Henry and attempt to use her charms on him.

When Chesney Brown (Sam Aston) realises she lied to him, he rushes to the hotel to find out whether he will see a business meeting or something more.

When Daisy informs Richard, a real estate entrepreneur, that Jenny has no choice but to sell her home, Steve and George are devastated.

Back at home, Gemma tells Chesney that she wasn’t interested in Henry and was only attempting to preserve the Rovers.

She regrets that the bar is being put up for sale since she believes she could stop it all if Chesney would let her collaborate with Henry.

Chesney receives a phone call from Bernie Winter (Jane Hazelgrove), who advises him to put his dislike of Henry aside and show Gemma that he can count on her to work with Henry.

Henry is happy when Gemma visits him in the police station and tells him she’ll accept his job offer provided he agrees to save the tavern.

At No. 5, Gemma informs Chesney that Henry has agreed to purchase the Rovers, but only if she accepts the position of his personal assistant. Burying his fear, Chesney gives her a hug.

Will their new position with Henry help them pay off their debt at last? Can Henry help Jenny get out of her pub rut?

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