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Nikhil star of Emmerdale reacts to Rishi’s shocking demise

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Former Emmerdale actor Rik Makarem shared his opinion on Rishi Sharma’s (Bhasker Patel) shocking departure from the ITV soap opera.

In the episode of the show that aired on Thursday, July 27, Rishi was discovered dead at the bottom of the steps.

Despite the hostility between the two following the revelation of Jai’s adoption, the patriarch had dressed up to attend Jai and Laurel’s (Charlotte Bellamy) wedding.

Rishi was committed to being present for his kid on his special day, but disaster struck when it appeared that he had fallen down the stairs.

Emmerdale fans as well as previous cast members were startled by the painful and unexpected occasion.

Nikhil Sharma was portrayed intermittently by Rik Makarem from 2009 to 2016. He is the brother of Priya (Fiona Wade), Jai, and Gennie (Sian Reese-Williams).

2013 saw Nikhil leave the community after Cameron Murray killed Gennie. He moved to Toronto with his daughter Molly to start a new job, then in 2015 he came back.

Chris Bisson was there to spread the love on Twitter after Bhasker’s final moments, tweeting to his followers, “We’ll miss you Bhasker.”

After that, Rik quoted it and simply added, “Well done boys.” What an adventure.

Chris reacted to Bhasker leaving by saying, “It does feel very strange without him.” I consider peeking my head inside of what was once his dressing room to check how he’s doing every time I pass there. Thus, it seems odd when he is absent.

It has been a long twelve years. We’ve also shared a lot of laughs and amazing stories throughout the years. We all miss him in the building because Bhasker and I got along pretty well personally, which makes a tremendous difference making the loss even worse.

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