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On the Couch: Why Y&R’s Heather Stevens Is Out To Get Christine

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This Y&R story goes back to Paul Williams.

Heather Stevens only agreed to defend Phyllis on The Young and the Restless because Michael had to leave town suddenly. Sure, Phyllis is Daniel’s mother and Lucy’s grandmother. And Heather is a lawyer whose job is to offer her client the best possible defense.

On The Couch: Heather Stevens

But does it also entail abusing her stepmother when Christine (Lauralee Bell) is merely carrying out her duties as district attorney, which include locking up criminals like Phyllis (Michelle Stafford)? There is more going on than just legal wrangling in this situation. Why did Heather (Vail Bloom) attack me so directly? To find out, we positioned her on our couch.

Good Y&R Vibes

Since Heather and Daniel (Michael Graziadei) took custody of Lucy (Lily Brooks O’Briant) from Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Billy (Jason Thompson), there is no doubt that Heather loves Lucy (Lily Brooks O’Briant) as if she were the child’s mother. Heather is aware that Lucy has some challenging genetics to deal with.
Sheila Cartner (Kimberlin Brown) and Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) are her grandmothers. Heather wants Lucy to feel good about herself, and letting go of the fact that she has two insane grandmothers is one way to do so. Heather wants to establish Phyllis’ innocence because of this. But this is bigger than Lucy.

Heather Stevens: The Hate U Give

There are so many fantastic reasons for Christine (Lauralee Bell) to despise Phyllis. She used deceit to ruin her marriage to Danny (Michael Damian), make her life miserable for years, and, oh yeah, even attempt to murder Paul (Doug Davidson). husband of Christine. the father of Heather. It wasn’t about Heather that she went after Christine. Phyllis wasn’t even involved. Paul was the subject.

Missing Young & Restless Years

At first, Heather was not recognized as Paul’s child. He merely forced her mother, April, into marriage before being content to let her wed another man and allow him to be Heather’s father. Because her husband was abusive, April reappeared in Paul’s life. But not to Heather; only to her. Heather loved her stepfather and was upset when April killed him in self-defense since she believed he was her biological father.

Heather Stevens: Just Cause

Heather had numerous causes to dislike Paul. But she was unable. Because by the time Heather went back to Genoa City, Paul had changed from the scum who had raped her mother and subsequently neglected his child to a respected member of the neighborhood. Heather was forced to control her totally understandable rage and bitterness and offer Paul and Christine a courteous smile.

Those times are over, I suppose. Heather can act as though she is only defending her client, but every time she implies that Christine is trying to harm Phyllis, Heather is actually creating a story in her head that implies that if Phyllis isn’t as evil as Christine and Paul have always said, then Christine and Paul aren’t as good. She can get irritated with them if they aren’t as good. Additionally, Heather has been anticipating their anger for a very long time.

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